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Would you wear a black wedding dress?

Just hold up a minute. Black wedding dresses? We’ve been fantasizing about fluffy white confections since childhood, so this one is coming as a big surprise!

Vera Wang Fall 2012 Black Wedding dresses

Yep, you read that correctly, ladies. Black wedding dresses. It’s all the rage this season… or so some designers want us to believe. One of them? Vera Wang.

That’s right, the mother of all wedding dress designers showcased a collection of dark wedding dresses and shocked women everywhere. Vera stopped by The View last week to discuss the collection and spoke of her inspiration for the line: “This was the first time I could explore a longtime fantasy of translating all the white and ivory dresses I have done for so many years and working within an underwear palette, mainly black and white. So it was a big step on the wild side for me.”

The fall 2012 wedding collection includes some stunning black-nude gowns and a few all-black numbers that all stray from the traditional white wedding visions we’re used to. This is hardly the first report of black wedding dresses, though. In case you forgot, Sarah Jessica Parker famously sported a black gown to her wedding years ago!

And sure, wedding dress trends come and go and you’re free to call us old fashioned, but we think we’d like to keep up the white wedding dress tradition.

We want to know

Would you wear a black wedding dress?

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