Strike your fitness goals with the ViPR workout

The ViPR looks harmless enough, but it couldn’t be better to strike with and meet your fitness goals! This workout tool, and the workouts you can do with it, are all-encompassing and the possibilities seem limitless.

Woman using ViPR

Strike out!

The ViPR (pronounced “viper”) is a workout tool you can use to help meet your fitness goals. It seems innocent enough: it’s a 3-foot tube made of rubber, open at either end, with slots cut out of the middle for your hands, and it comes in different weights. But it can pack a fitness punch! In fact, in some gyms, you can join a class where you’ll go through a series of motions that combine upper- and lower-body movements, for a total-body workout in about 15 minutes. You can change the intensity of your workouts based on how you use the ViPR.

Move it!

ViPR class

ViPR stands for “vitality, performance and reconditioning.” Workouts with the ViPR incorporate core, balance and agility focuses. You’ll use your whole body during a workout, and it uses “real life” movement (meaning you’ll appreciate it when you’re playing with your kids, playing sports or even spring cleaning your house).

You can squat and lunge with it, lift it above your head, swing it from side to side, do bicep curls, shoulder presses and much more. Combined movements can include a forward lunge with an uppercut, or squat-thrusts where you lift it above your head, for a total body workout — to name only two possibilities.

Looks can be deceiving

When you first see the ViPR, you might not think much of it. But once you start using it, you’ll get a different impression. It’s fun to use and there are so many different exercises you can do with it. Ask about it the next time you’re at the gym.

The ViPR will definitely help keep your workouts from becoming humdrum as you snake your way to your fitness goals!

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