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Fit to be tied with a battle rope workout

Cardio and strength training are tied up in this workout. Battle ropes, sometimes called power ropes, are growing in popularity as a fun, challenging workout.

Woman exercising with rope

Ready to feel like you could keep up with hearty sailors or maybe even Popeye? Once you start a workout with battle ropes, you just might be able to!

Know the ropes

Maybe you’ve seen an episode of The Biggest Loser where contestants work out with the ropes, or photos of pro athletes using them to condition their super-fit physiques. You’d know them if you saw them: two thick, 15-foot ropes 1-1/2 to 2 inches thick that weigh about 20 pounds each (though weight can vary). It looks like a tough workout and it’s what NFL players, martial arts fighters and fitness fanatics have been using to get their heart rates up and work their muscles in different ways than traditional weights would.

Where to find battle ropes

Keep your eyes open the next time you’re at the gym, since they’re starting to pop up in mainstream fitness centers and at boot-camp groups. You can use many different workouts with the ropes, like waving them up and down alternately or together, slamming them down quickly or making crisscross motions. They can also be done as part of a circuit session (lunges and squats can also be incorporated into the moves). It’s usually high-intensity interval training, done in short but intense bursts, followed by a rest period.

Benefits of a battle rope workout

The ropes are good for people of all fitness levels, since workouts are adaptable, and they are considered low impact. Your entire body is engaged when you’re working with the ropes, but it’s especially good for your core. Additional benefits of a battle rope workout:

  • It’s a great high-impact cardio workout.
  • It’s super for strength training (upper and lower body and core).
  • It combines strength, speed and endurance.
  • It helps with practical performance, like playing with your kids or participating in sports.

If your current workout could use a little something extra, consider a battle rope workout. You’ll be fit to be tied — in a good way!

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