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Use Pinterest to get over a breakup

So you kicked him to the curb! Or maybe you’re the one who got booted. Either way, congratulations on your breakup! Your life is opening up all around you — and here’s how to embrace it: Visualize your new (happy! productive! exciting!) life without your ex on a big ol’ canvas: a “wish board.” Read on for how to do this 21st century style, using Pinterest.

Woman using Pinterest to get over a break up

In The Frisky 30-Day Breakup Guide, psychologist Trina Dolenz, Ph.D., better known as the doc who whipped broken couples into shape on Tool Academy, offers up advice on making a “mental map” after a bad breakup: a big collage of all of the stuff that you’ve always wanted to do… but you didn’t have time, or your ex wasn’t into it or you kinda forgot about your own needs while you were in the relationship.

Great news: Now that Pinterest exists, it’s way easier to play cut-and-paste and turn it into a “wish board.” First, create a Pinterest board for each of these categories… and you’ll be up and running. (Feel free to give them creative names, too!)

Pinterest vacation ideas“Beach, Here I Come!”: Places I want to visit

Ah, freedom! That means you can go on vacation wherever you’d like — whether you’re traveling solo, road tripping with a group of friends or going on a girlfriend getaway.

The beauty of Pinterest virtual vacays is that the sky’s the limit! Toss up gorgeous vistas of any and every place you’ve wanted to go: a cross-country RV journey? The view from a pristine beach? And guess what: Now the only vacation opinion you have to take into consideration is your own.

Travel pinners to follow: Budget Travel, Frommer’s Travel

Pinterest hot guys“I’ll Take Him to Go!”: Hot guys

The best part about not having a guy by your side? The freedom to objectify male stars whenever you see fit! Who’s your fave? Drool away now that you’re unattached! Think of Pinterest as your personal teenage girl bedroom’s ceiling. May we suggest pinning a few of our featured Man Candy Monday boy toys?

Hottie-pinners to follow: Cosmopolitan (specifically the board “Cosmo Hot Guys”), Esquire Magazine UK (specifically the board “Man At His Best”)

Pinterest craft ideas“Teach Me!”: Interests you want to investigate

Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to make French pastries or learn Photoshop. Now’s the time! Pin stuff you’d love to master — like a pic of an intricately knitted scarf or a super-chic side table made from salvaged wood.

Special-interest pinners to follow: Fine Gardening, MashableVogue Knitting

Pinterest gift ideas“I Want!”: Special fantasy gifts for me

A breakup is a perfect excuse for a teensy bit of retail therapy. Don’t plunge yourself into credit card debt, but there’s nothing wrong with buying yourself a little something, like perfume just for you (check out Viktor & Rolf’s intricate Flowerbomb bottle — perfect for pinning) or a hot pair of heels you can wear around the house if you feel like it. The cool thing about Pinterest is you can savor all of your choices before you decide which token to buy yourself… just as you’d research a present for a loved one.

Indulgence/fashion pinners to follow: Christine Martinez, Matchbook Magazine, Bauble Bar, Eat.Sleep.Wear.

Photo credits: Marta Szczesniak/ (Taye Diggs), News Pictures/ (Hillary Clinton)

Pinterest inspirational woman“Inspirational Women”: Ladies who move you

Eleanor Roosevelt. Amelia Earhart. Virginia Woolf. Hillary Clinton. Whatever strong woman inspires you, give her some Pinterest real estate by choosing a sophisticated photo of her and clicking on it whenever you need some encouragement. If they can divide and conquer, you can too!

Feminist pinners to follow: Claudia Chan, Nish Weiseth (specifically the board “Wise Women”)

Trust us, after doing this, you will feel better! Maybe you won’t feel like you’re in tip-top shape, but while you heal via a boatload of pretty pins, take comfort in the fact that you’re not “that” wedding-pinning gal on Pinterest anymore (no disrespect to women who really are planning to get hitched and using the site to plan!). You’re gonna be just fine.

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