Pinterest wedding boards: Make your ideas a reality

While love may be blind, wedding planning is an eye-opener, and Pinterest is here to help. Blushing brides are seeing just how helpful the site is for putting together, and showcasing, a wide variety of eye-catching ideas in preparation for their big day. One can easily search items and get wedding planning ideas within a matter of seconds. There’s no longer the need to chase wedding items across town – or state lines. Today, we’re showing you just how useful Pinterest really is!

Pinterest wedding inspiration board

Using Pinterest to find wedding ideas

A bride might have a concept for a travel-themed wedding invitation, but may not know exactly what she’s looking for. By simply searching for “Passport Wedding Invitation,” the bride will be thrown into a world of handmade invitations, from maps converted into envelopes to professional wedding invitations resembling vintage postcards.

Seeing exactly how many options there are will help her narrow down her preferences. It will also take her to the webpage where the item was found, and she can purchase or find the instructions for the invitation she wants with only one extra click of the mouse. It’s much easier to gather all your wedding ideas on one page of Pinterest than to navigate through several different websites or countless wedding magazines in hopes of finding, without promise, the perfect item for your perfect day.

Using Pinterest to find themes

As most of us are visual people, seeing everything lumped together on your board can tell you instantly which wedding ideas will work – and which ones will not. An example of this can be found in the bridal bouquet and coordinating bridesmaid bouquets: By pinning the colors and flowers the bride wants, she can see if the colors of the bridesmaid flowers will complement or clash with her bouquet. Having the pictures right next to each other makes it quite easy to determine likes and dislikes.

Using Pinterest to find the right price

A user might see a wedding cake that she absolutely loves, but with a price tag at a prohibitive $1000. By taking a picture of the cake to a local bakery, she can easily see if they can replicate it at a lower cost. A bride’s style is always unique, but she may favor items by one store or vendor. Pinterest can help her find similar items by using keywords, which often leads to finding a more agreeable price.

Using Pinterest for feedback

If a bride has her heart set on something while planning, nothing anyone else says will change her mind. But often, an indecisive bride can look to the feedback on her pins to help determine the absolute best option and guide her toward making the right choice. She’ll also likely pick up wedding tips from brides who’ve been there and done that, which is a huge stress reliever.

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting and public events in a woman’s life, but because of the amount of detail – from the look of the frosting on the cake to the earrings worn by the bridesmaids – and time it takes to make these decisions, it can also become one of the most stressful. Utilizing Pinterest not only makes the bride’s planning of her big day less taxing, but she’s also able to see and develop an entirely new set of ideas and visions she may not have dreamed of otherwise – even if this is the day she’s been dreaming of since she was a little girl.

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