Celebody: Get Jennifer Aniston’s hot yogi bod

Jennifer Aniston’s toned arms and rock-hard abs have been a topic of constant conversation for years. Now, with the help of Jen’s fabulous Yogalosophy instructor Mandy Ingber, you too can get the bod!

Mandy Ingber has been on the Hollywood hot-body circuit for a while now. For more than 16 years she taught sold-out yoga and spinning classes all over Los Angeles, while privately tutoring some of Tinseltown’s top actresses.

From Jennifer Aniston to Kate Beckinsale, tons of A-listers trust their money-making physiques to Ingber. Jennifer Aniston loves Ingber’s method so much that she actually filmed the intro to Ingber’s DVD.

Though Ingber is now working solely in the private sector, she tells SheKnows the secret to celebrity success it pretty simple. With just an hour a day, three to five days a week, you too can get a body like Jen’s. Ingber hooked up with us at Up Dog Yoga and Cycling in West Hollywood recently to show us how.

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So, what is yogalosophy?

“I coined the word because I wanted to bring the intention setting from yoga into pretty much any [other] workout,” Ingber explains to SheKnows. In short, it’s about blending a yoga pose with a toning exercise to get the maximum benefit.

Jen’s fave pose “It’s tree pose! She really likes the balancing poses.”

Ingber stressed the importance of connecting internally and finding a still point while doing any exercise. For example, she views spinning as a very meditative, repetitive exercise.

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Be mindful of your breath during slow yogi movements and during fast-paced workouts like spin class and you’ll see how they balance each other out, Ingber says.

Mandy Ingber Yogolosophy

Mandy’s yoga playlist

  1. “Floating” by Katherine Liner
  2. “Double Rainbow” by Maetar
  3. “Spiritual High Part 3” by Moodswings
  4. “If 6 Was 9” by Axiom Funk
  5. “Time Will Tell” by Bob Marley

How to create a vision mat

It’s easy to see why Mandy is so popular. Her inspirational messages really keep clients motivated. Ingber came up with the concept of the visionmat, an individually created yoga mat with photos and quotes to help clients reach their goals.

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“They can have it so that they can see their dreams while they’re exercising,” says Ingber. “I like to have nature, so I have mountains or sky or the ocean, but also things like healthy foods and places I want to travel to. And of course, I write things down, like what I’d like to achieve in my career. Being on SheKnows.com was on my vision board last year.”

So it looks like the visionmat works! Now all we need to do is put a picture of Jennifer Aniston’s abs on our mat; that should do the trick, right?

3 Common mistakes new yogis make

  1. Thinking that going deeper is better: Forcing yourself into a pose is not the solution. It’s better to back off and stay focused on your alignment.
  2. Wearing socks: Don’t do it; it’s too slippery!
  3. Comparing yourself to another person: We all have different body types and histories. A 5’2″ girl will look different in a pose than a 6′ male body builder.

4 Ways to make yoga affordable

  1. A DVD like Yogalosophy (duh!). Ingber also suggests downloads from her store and practicing from a book.
  2. Join an online community that you can use monthly.
  3. Yoga at your gym can be just as great as a with a private instructor. Let the teacher know you’re new.
  4. Do your research. Many yoga studios have community classes or donation-based classes.

Thanks to stylist Cindy Hernandez at Gavert Atelier in Beverly Hills and make-up artist Anna Martinyan for Mandy Ingber’s fresh face and gorgeous locks!