Tips for organizing a breast cancer fundraiser

Breast cancer is a disease that will affect one in every eight U.S. women in their lifetime, according to In fact, it’s quite likely you know someone who has been affected by the disease. Raising money for breast cancer research is a great way to hopefully stop the disease in the future. Here’s how you can organize your very own breast cancer fundraiser.

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Find your charity

There are plenty of respectable charities to which you can donate your money. Susan G. Komen for the Cure, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, National Breast Cancer Coalition and National Breast Cancer Foundation all do their part to raise awareness and fund the scientists and doctors looking for a cure, but it’s your job to decide which charity works best for you. Some charities take more overhead costs than others. That means less money gets into the hands of people who can actually do research. Doing your own research on charity screening websites like will make sure the right charity is funded with your interests in mind.

Decide on your event

Fundraising can be… well, fun! Events like 5K races, luncheons, cocktail hours and date auctions can be great ways to raise money for your charity. Do you want your event to be open to the public or do you simply just want a few close friends around? These are all factors to take into account. Be creative, think of a theme and have fun!

Determine a method of payment

When it comes down to it, fundraisers are about getting the money out of the hands of your guests and into the hands of those who need it most. Make sure your guests know how much money they’ll be paying when they come to the event. If you’re organizing a dinner or luncheon, determine a cost per plate. Take into account the actual cost of food, plus how much you’d like each person to actually donate to the charity. Add it up and give each guest their total. Often it’s easiest to have guests pay up front to avoid payment discrepancies. If you’re organizing a 5K run, runners can raise money on their own. When they come to the race, they can give the cash to you to turn over to the charity.

Ask for help

It’s difficult to manage big events all on your own. Ask your friends and family for help. Most people are happy to donate a few hours for a good cause, and it can also cut down on the overall cost of labor for the event. Ask for food, drink and furniture donations for the event to limit costs even more.

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