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“Crazy”-proof your online dating profile

You’ve picked a cute pic, listed your fave hobbies and fine-tuned your “About Me” section to the point that you’re a witty cross between Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling. You’re beginning to look like quite the catch, if you do say so yourself. Hold on just one second. Before you make your online dating profile fair game for all of those hot single guys lying in wait, pat your profile down for any signs of “crazy.” We asked a slew of online dating experts to tell us which key words and phrases are red flags to guys in an online dating profile. The eight details below can make even the nicest men think, “This chick is nuts.” Read on for the scoop!

Alarmed man on dating website


Using the word “princess”

“This is code for ‘high-maintenance girl who is stuck in a Disney movie,'” says relationship expert Whitney Casey.


Not-so-subtly implying you want to be taken care of financially

“Potentially one of the biggest turn-offs to men is when women mention money in their profiles,” says Arielle Schechtman, director of public and community relations for “In this day and age, independent women who don’t have to rely on a man for financial well-being are valued and sexy! Even if you desire to be a stay-at-home mom or homemaker, that conversation can be had at a later date once you’ve gotten to know each other better. As a general rule of thumb, stay away from TMI about $!”


Making sexist statements about men

“Phrases like ‘looking for the one nice guy’ or ‘are there any good men left’ or ‘prove to me that all men aren’t jerks’ are don’ts,” Casey says. “Referencing your past heartbreaks only suggests you haven’t moved on and are not ready for a new relationship.”


Talking about how much you like to party

“While some men may find a party girl attractive, too much of an extreme can give off the wrong impression,” says Schechtman. “A woman who loves to hit the bars and dance at the clubs all the time may not have the desire to enter into a serious relationship. If you consider yourself to be social, write about your outgoing nature, but limit the references to an intimidating partying lifestyle.”


Bringing up marriage… a lot

“If you’re marriage-minded, check off that box in the multiple-choice section of the profile in the type of relationship you’re looking for,” says online dating expert Julie Spira, author of The Perils of Cyber-Dating. “If you mention it again two or three times, he’ll think he has to go out and buy a ring, now. He’ll notice if you’re interested in a casual relationship or not.”


Describing your career as your “life”

“If you’re looking for a serious relationship, you’re likely going to have to work toward a work/life balance as well,” says Schechtman. “Writing only about your career and sleeping with your smartphone can scare a man away, if only because he’ll hope there’s enough room in your life for him, too. To avoid this assumption, make sure to mention hobbies, interests or recreational pursuits in addition to your job.”


Faux-sheepishly saying that your friend made you sign up for the dating site

“No one had to force you against your will, and you’re the one logging on to check the emails, not your BFF,” Spira says.


Name-checking your exes (that goes for ex-jobs and ex-friends, too!)

“Avoid talking about the ex-boyfriend, ex-husband or even ex-job for that matter,” Spira says. “It’s an immediate turn-off. No guy wants to date a drama queen or a ‘Debbie Downer.'”

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