Lost that loving feeling? How to get it back!

If it’s time to take your relationship up a notch, there are a few simple changes you can make to really create a lasting bond. We put together three easy changes you can implement to make sure your relationship thrives — plus we have the inside scoop from women just like you!

Couple laughing in bed

Lighten up

Make a note: Couples who have fun together are more likely to stay connected together.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your relationship and build a better bond with your guy is to stop taking each other so seriously. Instead, focus on making one another smile (you know, like you did when you first started dating). Look for ways to make each other laugh and create happy feelings between you. The more you avoid dwelling on the negative and do things that make you happy as a couple, the better off you’ll be.

Real women speak: “My husband and I fell in love because of how easy it is to make each other laugh. A stressful day is so much easier when we can joke about it together,” says Sloane, married for four years from New Jersey.

Offer support

It’s not always easy to remember how much impact simple acts of kindness can have when it comes to improving relationships. Saying please and thank you, doing a chore your partner hates or giving an unsolicited backrub can all go a long way to give your marriage a boost. Paying attention and trying to make each other’s lives smoother and easier reduces friction and tension in your home. Sometimes doing acts of service outwardly for others can also help you both feel grateful for each other and what you have.

Real women speak: “When I lost my job, I don’t think I could have come though it as well as I did without the support of my boyfriend. He really made me feel like everything was going to be OK,” says Beth, a retail manager from Ohio who has been with her boyfriend for six years.

Express love

This might seem obvious, but once you’ve been together for several years, you can begin to forget how important it is to vocalize your feelings. But telling your partner how much you care for them is a small gesture with big impact. It’s vital to know and share the words and actions that regularly let one another know you actively feel love for each other. Feeling secure in each other’s love allows you to have confidence in the health of your marriage. Avoid assuming your partner knows you love them and make a point to regularly let them know. How: With words, notes, emails, hugs, kisses and other romantic gestures.

Real women speak: “My husband and I have started sending each other daily ‘texts of encouragement’ that basically just state how much we love each other,” says Melissa, a newlywed from Chicago we talked to about how she keeps things fresh with her new hubby.

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