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Steer clear of a relationship plateau

Make today the day you take your relationship to the next level. Every relationship takes work and can feel like it’s getting stale, so it’s important to continually put effort into improving your partnership. If you’re not sure where to start, we have some simple relationship tips to get the ball rolling and avoid a plateau.

Woman whispering into man's ear

Provide encouragement

Everyone needs some words of encouragement, whether they seem like they could use a boost or not. Doing so in your marriage can help bring you and your spouse closer. Life can easily become stressful or difficult, and confidently expressing support, noticing each other’s sincere efforts and celebrating accomplishments are all great ways to build a better connection with your man and avoid having your relationship hit a slow patch. The more you can motivate each other, the happier you’re likely to be. Cheer him on at a baseball game, make him dinner after a big meeting he had or simply tell him how great a partner he is.

Savor intimacy

Our rushed, over-scheduled lives can often make it hard to find time for intimacy, but it’s important to make that part of your relationship a priority. Touch through holding hands, hugging, kissing and sex help you both relax and feel cared for and appreciated. Make sure this happens by scheduling alone time (to ensure you make time for it) and cutting out items on your to-do list that aren’t necessities. Set up a regular time to be together as a couple to keep the romance revved up.

Keep growing individually

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you no longer have your own life. Yes, you are a team and enjoy spending time together, but carving out time for solo pursuits can benefit your relationship. As you have experiences apart from each other that help you improve, this will enrich your time together. Maintaining independence in a relationship and doing things separately means you will have new information and insights to share, and individual growth can flow into couple growth. Set goals to improve individually and together to keep your partnership going strong.

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