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3 Simple tips for increased intimacy with your man

One of the most important aspects of any good relationship is maintaining a certain level of passion and intimacy. Sex isn’t everything, but it is one piece of the relationship puzzle.

Couple having sex

To help ensure your sex life stays on track, we put together three simple intimacy tips to increase and rev up romance.

Fuzzy handcuffsIntroduce novelty

Anything can become routine or fall into a rut, whether it’s work, food or sex, so adding in some surprising elements can really liven things up. There’s no need to go to extremes, but simply changing the environment (trade the bed for the floor), introducing new toys or wearing new lingerie can transform everyday sex into exhilarating sex. It can be surprisingly easy to fall into a rut and be faced with bedroom boredom, but a few small changes can help keep your sex life interesting in the long term.

Practice being in the moment

If you have ever tried to have sex when all you can think about are all the unfinished items on your to-do list, you know how hard it is to enjoy yourself. You can’t concentrate on the moment because your mind is being pulled in so many directions so you lose out on the experience. But being in the moment means focusing only on what is going on right now, this very second. Try it next time you’re having sex. Just concentrate on the moment – empty your mind of everything else that might try to take over. It may take practice, but the more you do it, the easier it gets.

Think about timing

It would be nice if every couple wanted sex at the exact same time, but we all have our own rhythms, especially where libido is concerned. Some people like sex in the morning, some at night, some three times a week and for some once a month is enough. The best way to get around these differences is to talk to your partner to find out when they desire sex most. Knowing when sex works for your partner can help, especially if you’re feeling like you’re getting shot down over and over because you’re initiating sex at the wrong time. This also goes the other way. If your partner is trying to initiate sex when you’re tired or stressed out, discuss better options and come to a compromise.

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