Top 5 things never to share with your partner

Despite the importance of honesty in a good relationship, there remain a few things you might want to keep to yourself. We’re not suggesting being deceitful, but in a select number of cases, what you don’t say matters more than what you do. Here are the top five things not to share.

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Mean things you’ve heard about him

Your man doesn’t need to hear about any mean things your friends or family have said about him. Unless it’s relevant and important to your relationship, there’s no need to hurt him with their not-so-nice words. To do so would just rock the boat. You want your family and friends to like him, and you want him to like your family and friends, so avoid creating an unnecessary rift.

Things he can’t change

Being open and sharing opinions that can help move the relationship forward is a must, but being critical about things your partner can’t easily change (his baldness, his height) isn’t fair. Your opinion matters to him and whether you see him as attractive is most likely very important to him, so if he can’t change something about his appearance, why tell him?

Other people’s secrets

If a friend confides in you and asks you not to tell anyone, respect her wishes and keep her secret — even from your guy. Unless you need his assistance or are troubled by the information, keep it to yourself. You’re in no way obligated to share other people’s secrets with your partner, especially when they don’t have anything do with him.

Negative feelings about his family

You might not love his family, but keep your negative comments about them to yourself. Let’s face it; he wants you to like his family, and he’s most likely sensitive about those people in his life. If there is a legitimate problem with one of his family members, ask his advice about how to resolve the issue, but don’t go overboard. Don’t reveal lots of negative feelings especially if those family members can’t change what you are annoyed with.

Attraction to someone he knows

It’s OK to think other people are attractive (hello, Ryan Gosling), but you don’t need to tell your partner, especially if it’s someone he knows. Yes, these feelings are only thoughts and you (ideally) haven’t acted on them, but there is no need to stir up feelings that might promote or inspire jealousy.

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