Bethenny Frankel’s new Skinnnygirl products promote healthy living

Mar 11, 2012 at 3:12 p.m. ET

Reality TV-star-turned-mogul Bethenny Frankel has expanded her Skinnygirl spirits empire to include a new line of healthy lifestyle products such as Skinnygirl On-the-Go nutribars, Skinnygirl Daily Cleanse and Restore packets and Skinnygirl Daily Weight Management and Energy supplements.

Bethany Frankel

Health on the go

"[The Skinnygirl products] are about health on the go," says Frankel, a trained natural food chef. "It’s not about fasting or starving. It’s about cleansing and managing your weight, having a healthy snack with you, hydrating and getting your vitamins in."

The star of Bravo’s Bethenny Ever After claims there’s no other nutrition-on-the-go line with a cleanse and weight management system. And although the rail-thin yoga devotee certainly doesn’t need to watch her weight, she says the weight supplements contain a blend of CLA, a naturally occurring fatty acid high in omega-3s that helps women burn calories.

Be prepared to eat wisely

Skinnygirl on-the-go

As part of her daily regimen, however, the often-frazzled wife and mother travels with her cleanse packets and nutrition bars.

"I run around and I don’t get enough rest or [a chance to] eat enough greens all the time. So I use the daily cleanse packets," says Frankel, who, thanks to her co-executive producer Ellen DeGeneres, will debut a talk show on Fox this summer.

"This morning I put it in my yogurt and yesterday I made a smoothie with it. You can mix [the packets] in food and you’re getting rid of toxins and keeping the good [nutrients]."

Frankel also keeps the newest addition to her product lineup handy: Skinnygirl Vitamin Power Packs. "I don’t drink enough water, so I keep [them] in my purse. It makes water fruity and delicious and adds [a daily source of] vitamins. And they’re only four calories per pack."

Of her Skinnygirl nutrition bars, which come in delectable flavors based on her own baking recipes like banana oatmeal chocolate chip and multigrain pretzel, she says, "It’s nice to have something in your purse you can trust when you’re on an airplane or picking up the kids from school -- just so you don’t crash and burn in the middle of the day and then overeat at your next meal."

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