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4 Fun and easy ways to steam up your sex life tonight

Feeling bored in the bedroom? Shaking things up is much easier than you think! Make tonight the night to really spice up your sex life. We put together four fun and frisky ways to turn your love life around with minimal effort and big results.

Couple cooking with wine

Cook with aphrodisiacs

If you and your partner do a lot of cooking at home, turn the kitchen into a place for foreplay. Rather than sticking to your usual repertoire of at-home recipes, cook with something sexy and make the meal together. Pick a night every week to cook together using aphrodisiacs – ingredients that inspire desire. As you cook, ignite your senses by taking in the aromas. Aphrodisiac ingredients are said to boost sex drive and include items such as figs, almonds, oysters, truffle oil, honey, pomegranate and ginger.

Give your bedroom a makeover

Quick tip: Place a seductive book on your nightstand so you and your partner have something sexy you can read together.

Instead of just hibernating in your bedroom, give it a makeover to create an environment that feels romantic and sensual. When you turn your bedroom into a more seductive space, you’ll find that you both want to spend more time there – together. There’s no need to completely redecorate, but do get rid of clutter,  put your lights on a dimmer, upgrade to softer, silkier bedding and pepper the room with candles to create immediate intimacy and warmth.

Dress the part

Although you may feel more comfortable in leggings and slouchy sweaters, simply wearing lingerie can go a long way towards spicing up your sex life. The sexier you feel, the more likely it is that you’ll be in the mood to have sex, and we’re willing to bet your partner will appreciate the wardrobe change. Continuing to play with lingerie shows your partner that you care and he’ll likely reciprocate with more effort of his own.

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It may have been years since you and your husband have flirted, but chances are you remember how good it felt. Tonight, recreate that flirty feeling. Head to your favorite bar together, order a glass of wine and make a point of getting flirty with each other. It’s surprisingly easy to turn up the heat with some simple gestures (leaning in when he talks, touching his leg). A little flirting makes each person feel desired, which can lead to a stronger physical connection. We all want our partners to desire us and when we feel wanted, we’re much more likely to feel like heading for the bedroom.

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