Hot product alert: Stylish swimwear for active women

Swimwear usually comes in two categories: functional (plain and utilitarian) and fashionable (pretty, but not great for swimming laps). If you want to actually burn some calories or do something active in the water like surfing, you get something black and basic; if you want to lie by the pool sipping a cocktail, you get something fun and flirty. A new line of swimwear is poised to change all that, eliminating the need to choose fashion over function and vice versa.

Two Piece Action bikini

Two-piece Action Suit (, $130)

It may not be swimsuit season yet, but it’ll be here before you know it! With that in mind, we’ve got some great news about a new line of stylish swimwear for active women.

Fashion meets function

For the first time in the history of professional swimwear, a new line is available that is not only designed to provide agility and speed, but look great, too. De REX Actionwear provides athletes, fitness swimmers and anyone who wants to wear something stylish while they splash in the surf with fashionable yet functional swimwear and accessories. “From athletes to artists, no longer must one choose between performance and style, because with De REX Actionwear, fashion and fitness finally coexist,” says a spokesperson for the line.

Behind the brand

Emerging from Malibu, California, the line of stylish swimwear is inspired by the youthful energy of its beachside community. The goal of De REX Actionwear is to bring an effortlessly sexy vibe to athletic swimwear, which has a reputation for being rigid, bland and, let’s face it, no fun to wear. De REX is Latin for “from kings” and promotes a life filled with adventure, love and the pursuit of dreams. And if that dream involves the water, all the better.

Why Actionwear?

De REX Actionwear provides an attractive option for those looking for an alternative to bland workout wear. The point of jumping into the pool to do laps may not be to look good, but why not have some fun with your attire while you swim? The pieces are available online and range from $65 to $150. We love the idea of feeling cute and confident as we take a dip, and each piece offers comfort, stability and flattering design. Swimsuits are simple yet stylish, with eye-catching design features such as cutouts, and come in one-piece or two-piece styles.

Beyond swimwear

Besides swimsuits, De REX also carries pants, shorts, T-shirts and hoodies for anyone looking for comfort, style and functionality in what they wear to the gym or yoga studio. De Rex Actionwear’s essentials were designed to keep active women looking and feeling good as they sweat, surf, swim or move in whatever way they choose.

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