The easiest ways to improve your relationships

Even healthy relationships have the occasional problem, but it’s how we deal with the problem that makes the difference.

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We put together some simple relationship tips to avoid letting common issues turn into major relationship issues and bigger arguments.

Don’t let things fester

Not talking about issues that arise can cause resentment, which can really put a wrench in your relationship. Rather than let things fester, deal with issues as they come up. If things get heated, allow some time for you and your partner to cool down. Then go back to the issue and talk about what happened, listen and help each other understand what caused the problem. Explore why the issue evoked the responses it did and look at what can be done differently next time.

Spend time on the relationship

Relationships take effort and commitment in order to work for the long haul. That might sound daunting but it doesn’t have to be. One good way to do this is to spend “worry-free” time together that is just reserved for fun. That’s right; having fun together is a good prescription for any relationship. Take that time to be involved and interested in each other’s lives beyond worrying about bills, chores or other stressors. Do things together you love to do but never have time for (road trips, brunch dates, movies) and put more effort into mutual enjoyment.


It’s so important to keep the channels of communication open so you can work through issues before they have a chance to build (and get worse). The only way to really ensure you and your partner stay on track and on the same page is to talk about the relationship. It can be difficult to know how your partner is feeling or work through problems without taking the time to talk about them.

Do nice things for each other

After you’ve been together for a while, it’s common to take each other for granted and forget how important it is to show your love. But making sure your partner feels loved is a big marriage must. Find out what allows your partner to feel cared for and do it. The more loved and cared for you feel, the less likely you will be to let relationship issues accumulate.

Check in regularly

Checking in with your partner allows you the opportunity to know where they’re at and to work through any misunderstandings that may have developed. Jam-packed schedules, kids and other day-to-day issues can make it easy to gloss over problems that come up, but checking in allows you to better understand what you are feeling and if there are unresolved issues that need to be worked through.

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