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3 Compromises you need to make in order to find love

Finding love can be tricky business. For some it seems easy, but others seem to continually miss the mark when it comes to meeting Mr. Right. If you’ve been dealt a bad dating hand lately, it’s time to make a change.

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Sometimes all it takes to turn things around are a few simple compromises. Read on to find out what you might need to change in order to find love.

Your need to win and be right all the time

No one is right all the time, not even you. Even if your parents let you think you were never wrong and your best friend in elementary school let you win every argument, real life means being wrong some of the time and maybe not having to have the last word in every disagreement. There will be times that no one wins, when it’s better just to walk away rather than fight for hours or even days. And if he’s right, give him the satisfaction of accepting it. After all, maybe the next time you’ll be right, and won’t you want him to acknowledge the win?

Your idea of what a relationship should be

No, we don’t mean you should settle for any loser who comes along and offers to buy you a beer. But the scenario of your one true love being a complete and utter prince charming, who’s going to whisk you away to happy-land where all you do is gaze into each other’s eyes and have candle lit dinners, might have to be tweaked. You may have to compromise your belief that a relationship has to be perfect in order to be worth staying in. Relationships take work – even the great ones.

Your need to nag

Will socks on the floor make or break your relationship? Probably not. They may be annoying, but if you love him, you’ll deal with the socks. The same goes for caps not being put back on toothpaste or dishes being put back in the wrong cupboards. Nagging him about little things is just going to cause tension, and chances are there are things you do that drive him nuts.

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