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How to pamper yourself during your period

Bloated, crampy and ready to bite someone at a moment’s notice? Yep, it’s Shark Week. Don’t worry. You don’t have to miss out on all the fun just because you’re feeling a little bloodthirsty.

Woman getting pedicure

Take time to pamper yourself during your period and treat yourself like the goddess you really are.

When menstrual cramps, fatigue and general moodiness start getting you down, remember that you are your own best friend. Pamper yourself the way you deserve to be pampered. Give yourself a few extra minutes to wake up in the morning, indulge in your favorite healthy foods, take a power nap to rejuvenate in the afternoon, make time to go to the gym or plan a fun outing with your girlfriends. Do the things you know will lift your spirit and make you feel a little less like eating your mother-in-law. Or a dozen chocolate doughnuts. (Either one will do.)

Head to the spa

If you can set your watch by your monthly cycle, you should take advantage of this knowledge and schedule yourself a trip to the spa each month. Whether you get a full-body massage, facial, mani-pedi or something more exotic, you will enjoy the time spent pampering yourself. Ahhhh.

Take a hot bath

There’s nothing like a hot bubble bath to soothe your aching muscles, relieve cramps and send you to your Happy Place. Make your Zen moment even better by adding some essential oils to the bath and setting a tranquil mood with candlelight.

ChocolateIndulge in sinful chocolaty pleasures

Craving chocolate? You are not alone. Chocolate is the number one food that women crave. (Especially at that time of the month.) But did you know that chocolate is actually good for you? Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants that help protect the body from aging and improve heart health. And that’s not all. It also stimulates endorphin production in the body, boosting your mood, which is always a good thing when Aunt Flo is around.

Laugh out loud

Turns out, laughter is the best medicine after all. Laughing is good for you, and here’s why: A powerful antidote to stress, laughter releases endorphins into your bloodstream that help you to relax. So if you are feeling cranky and blue, take time to get together with a good friend, see a funny movie and share a hearty laugh.

Hit the gym

Love to hit the gym when you are feeling crampy, bloated or stressed? It’s no wonder. Moderate exercise such as walking or swimming can help to relieve cramps and moodiness. If your cramps are severe, try other methods to soothe the pain such as heat, massage or ibuprofen.

Discover the healing power of yoga

Yoga is a wonderful way to relax and get in tune with your body, mind and spirit. There are even poses specifically designed for women on their cycles. Try the child’s pose, the wind releasing pose and the bow pose to help reduce menstrual cramps and overall discomfort.

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