How to sensualize your bedroom

Valentine’s Day might have passed, but the month of love is the perfect time to think about your sensuous quotient, not only in your makeup, fragrance and clothing but also in your home, specifically your bedroom.

Romantic bedroom decor

Your bedroom, like the rest of your home, should be like the background of a great master painting where you are the main subject front and center. You should be the focal point. So, to insure that your bedroom reflects the magnificence of you, here is the easiest way to transform your boudoir into the perfect environment to showcase you at your vivacious and sensuous best.

Change the wall color

Skin color

Changing the wall color is one way to change the entire feeling or vibration of any room. However, choosing a wall color can be daunting. How many times does a small 1 x 2-inch swatch of a paint sample look completely different when placed upon your 9-by-12 wall?

Do you make the effort and spend the time and money on repainting or do you just “live with it,” slightly miserable? No one should settle on less than the best, especially in their haven, so here’s a foolproof way to choose a color which will show off the most sensuous you.

The answer to choosing this color is only an arm’s length away, as the most sensuous color to surround yourself in is found literally in the palm of your hand and is what I refer to as the Essence Color. The Essence Color is not a single exact match of your skin but is the dominant color that, when held beside your hand or face, makes all the other colors look blended and harmonious rather than blotchy, pale, sallow or simply dull.

When you place your true Essence Color beside your skin, your skin glows. When used as a bedroom wall color, this “nude” is an extension of the sensual you — a better color to use as a backdrop for you to shine in! The range of possibilities for this color is as varied as the choices at the department store makeup counter.

Colors like cameo, honey, ice pink, mahogany, peach, bronze, seashell, chestnut, copper beige, olive, porcelain and so on are fantastic Essence Colors. If this isn’t the color of your current foundation makeup, it might be time to re-assess it at the cosmetics counter and then travel with the compact to the paint store.

Sleeping in this color is not only sensual, but it’s also warm, easy and vulnerable yet supported. If you really want to cocoon with your partner, carpet your bedroom floor in this color as well.

Find the right furnishings


After putting the sensual in the room, you may wish to add the spice. While the walls provide a soft glow, let the furnishings contribute to the sexy pop. While your Essence Color expresses your innermost spirit, your Romantic Color expresses your passion, your sexuality and your heart. To discover your Romantic Color or version of “red,” you are once again going to refer to the palm of your hand.

In natural light, hold your hand over a white piece of paper with your palm facing you. Curl your fingers so that your palm is “cupped.” Now, place a finger on each side of the fingerprint of your index finger and pinch your finger.

What is the color of your flushed skin (this is also the color that your ears might turn when very hot or cold)? The color that you see reveals your passion, your sexual energy and your romantic self, so not only is it a good color to wear, it is also one perfect to infuse your bedroom with a bit of sexy.

Like the Essence Color, it may be easier to distinguish if you compare it to a lipstick tube at a makeup counter. This color can be as varied as the assortment in the store and could be a true red, but it might also be tangerine, fuchsia, coral, rust or even cranberry.

Once you have discovered your Romantic Color, it’s time to use it: Throw pillows, bedspreads and curtains are fantastic in this sultry shade, and a chaise lounge covered in a super-caressable fabric such as velvet or mohair is the perfect spot to lounge and purr “come hither.”

Love your lighting


Lastly, no matter how beautifully your bedroom walls and furnishings illuminate you, make sure that the colors are lit with softness. Glaring white light can absolutely kill a sultry mood. Opt for the ultimate illumination of you and your bedroom with a gorgeous glow by replacing harsh white light bulbs with soft pink ones.

You’ve now created the ultimate refuge for an at-home day.

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