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How to flirt like a pro

Make this month your flirtiest month yet! You may be more comfortable on the couch than getting out and meeting new people, but what better time than now to focus on fun just as you’re starting to get sick of winter? You never know who you might meet, and with our top flirting tips, you might just find your match.

Woman flirting with man

Ask questions

There’s no better way to keep a conversation flowing than with well-timed, well thought out questions. Sure, it’s important to show him your fabulous wit and charming personality, but it’s also a good idea to listen and ask questions. People tend to enjoy talking about themselves given the opportunity, so use that to your advantage. This will allow you to laugh (subtly) at his jokes and take an interest in what he does for a living. But don’t let him overtake the conversation. Keep things balanced to ensure you get talk time too. How else is he going to get to know you?

Share selectively

Sharing information about yourself is important (as we mentioned above), but be selective in what you say. Be honest but choose stories and anecdotes that make you sound interesting and well-rounded. This means do tell him about the time you learned to surf in El Salvador or the next trip you’re planning, but skip the story about last weekend’s bout of food poisoning or the tirade about guys who don’t call back. Be yourself, but keep it light and conversational, rather than scaring him with way too much information.

Touch strategically

It may seem like a fiercely flirty move to be all over someone at a bar, but this is not the best technique to try. The touchier you are, the more you run the risk of coming across as desperate or flaky, two things no one wants to labeled as. Instead of practically sitting on his lap, be more subtle. Keep touching to a minimum and do it strategically. If he says something funny, lean in and touch his knee or shoulder, but only briefly. Subtlety is always more sophisticated and in the end, a lot sexier.

Be yourself – always

We know this one seems obvious, but it’s probably the most important one to keep in mind and also the hardest. One thing that often happens when you flirt is that it can be easy to adopt a certain persona aimed at impressing the person you’re with, rather than letting your real personality shine through. Don’t let this happen. Talk about yourself and what you do with confidence and if he’s interested, he’ll let you know. If there’s a spark, it should be because whomever you’re talking to feels a connection to the real you.

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