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5 Dating tips that work

Winter isn’t exactly conducive to being social – more like staying in, on the couch under a blanket. But it’s time to get out there and meet some new people despite the weather.

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To help get you back into the dating game, we turned to Marina Sbrochi, dating coach and author of Stop Looking for a Husband: Find the Love of Your Life. She shares her top dating tips with SheKnows.

Dating Tip 1: Date yourself

This one may sound silly but it can go a long way in helping you meet the right person. What do you like to do? Go to concerts? Take art classes? Ski? “Sign yourself up for something that fits your interests,” Sbrochi says. “Go and have fun and make some new friends while you are at it. You never know where this will lead.”

Dating Tip 2: Change your outlook

If you continue to have the same ideas about what dating and relationships are supposed to be like – and they don’t seem to working for you, it’s time for a change. “Be open to others and to different things,” Sbrochi advises. “Ease up a bit on your pickiness. You just might find something in what you previously overlooked.”

Dating Tip 3: Take it slow

Don’t rush into a relationship even if you’re tempted to speed things up. “Just because you’ve been waiting for Mr. Right for five years doesn’t mean you need to lock it down the first three months you meet him,” says Sbrochi. Take your time and get to know each other.

Make a note

Go with what Sbrochi calls the “four seasons rule.” Don’t make any life changing decisions until you have been with someone for four seasons.

Dating Tip 4: Commit to your health

If you have some issues, now is the time to fix them. Seek a trusted professional or group and work out your problems so that when you finally meet someone you’ll be ready. Have some extra weight to lose? Commit to getting rid of it. “By being healthy and fit, you not only give yourself the gift of good health and a long life, but you show a potential partner that you value yourself,” Sbrochi says.

Dating Tip 5: Never settle

Don’t ever settle for less than what you deserve, Sbrochi advises. “You are a wonderful, caring person so make sure the person you meet is just as wonderful and caring,” she says. “It’s better to be by yourself for the right reasons than be with someone else just to be with someone else.”

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