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Brr! How to use sex to warm you up

There’s nothing like getting frisky to make you forget all about winter’s chill. But which moves exactly are most likely to warm you up — and burn a few extra calories in the process?

Couple having sex

We wanted hard (ahem) numbers, so we turned to Alyssa Dweck, M.D., co-author of V is for Vagina, to get the stats on how sex can literally turn up the heat.

So, why does making love make us warm? “Sex increases your heart rate and thus increases blood flow to the skin, thus providing a feeling of total body warmth similar to exercise,” Dr. Dweck says. “Hormones released during arousal and sex do cause flushing of the skin due to increased blood flow to the skin, face, neck, genital organs, etc. which give a feeling of warmth. So if you feel ‘hot and bothered’ before and during sex, it’s not in your imagination!”

Now how about those calories? Here’s the doc’s breakdown:

Calories burned during a sexy sweat session

Kissing sweetly (or not so sweetly)

“You don’t have to have intercourse to burn calories: Kissing burns approximately two to six calories per minute — and higher if petting is involved!”

Having actual intercourse

“Intercourse for 30 minutes burns approximately 85 calories or more depending on position, duration and intensity. For example, when you’re on top doing most of the work, you will burn more calories. The more intense the sex, the more calories burned.”

Giving and receiving

“Oral sex burns calories especially if you incorporate yoga (e.g. planks or push-ups) [Editor’s note: Now that’s multitasking!], but keep in mind, there are approximately seven calories in one teaspoon of ejaculate. Giving a hand job can burn up to 100 calories an hour depending on vigor and position.”

Flying solo

“Masturbation burns approximately 100 calories or more for each act.” You heard the woman. Now go get under the covers with your man! For more information about Dr. Dweck and V is for Vagina, visit her website here.

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