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5 Frugal but fabulous Valentine’s Day treats for your guy

If you’re still stumped on finding that perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your guy, we have some great ideas that are not only special, but affordable, too.

Couple exchanging gifts on Valentine's Day

We turned to Vicky Oliver, author of The Millionaire’s Handbook: How to Look and Act Like a Millionaire Even if You’re Not, for her tips on how to give your guy something great – without breaking the bank.

Something in his color

Some guys look great in emerald green; some can’t get enough of the color blue. Get inspired by his favorite shade this Feb. 14. “When you know your lover’s favorite color and then buy a present in the precise shade, it shows an extra degree of thought,” Oliver says. These gifts don’t need to be expensive. Scarves, hats and gloves in every color of the rainbow can be purchased for under $10 at stores like Target or even your local street vendor. If you want to be more indulgent, she suggests picking up a mobile device protector in a stunning color or a GelaSkin protector for any of his electronic devices.

A message in a bottle

What’s more romantic than a personalized declaration of love? “For about $100 less than a bottle of cologne, you can give your guy something permanent, creative and emotionally stirring,” Oliver says. She suggests checking out the online company Timeless Message, which will help you select a limited edition antique bottle and even craft a message for you if need be. You can also write your own sentiment or consider borrowing something apt from Robert Burns or your favorite romantic poet of choice.

A signature drink for your sweetheart

For no cost but lots of love, invent a signature sip for your man. Oliver suggests using his background, home state or even hair color as inspiration. “Is he of Russian descent? Perhaps the drink should contain Russian vodka in his honor. Does he hail from Florida? Maybe the drink should be made with fresh-squeezed oranges instead. Are you dating a redhead? Consider having ginger be one of the prominent drink flavors,” she says. Print up the drink recipe on cardstock so that your loved one can order his special drink with ease at restaurants and bars. Then call the elixir by your honey’s name. If you want to be more creative than that, be sure to research drink names in advance so you don’t choose something already taken.

Name a star

We love Oliver’s idea of getting a star named after your guy. “It’s a symbolic gesture that has little to do with science but much to do with love and affection, and it can add a real bright spot to your relationship,” she says. The best part is, you can call a star after a boyfriend for under $15. “Every time that special person in your life stares up at the heavens, he or she will be sure to think of you fondly.” Go stargazing for less at Starnamer.

Get inventive with the I.O.U.s

No time to shop? No problem. Give your guy a romantic I.O.U. “These ingenious notes can save you a small fortune or even a large one. Instead of running around like a chicken with her head cut off to find the perfect present for your paramour, take half an afternoon to design a pretty I.O.U. certificate on your computer,” Oliver says. It can be for anything — from “one free home-cooked meal” to “one night of pampering.” Then fill in his name, print out the document, wrap it with a ribbon and you’re done.

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