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How Skype and Facebook changed the long-distance relationship

Dating in the internet age is a wonderful thing. You can find a partner, get to know each other and fall in love, all over an internet connection. But what happens when that special someone lives beyond simple driving distance?

Woman dating on skype

Here’s how Skype and Facebook have changed the long-distance dating landscape.

You’re no longer a still picture or a voice on the phone

With Skype, you can set up a webcam to talk to the person you love face-to-face. Sure, you can’t reach out and cuddle, but you can smile, wave, and even do, ahem, more adventurous things. Seeing you reassures your partner that you’re very real and that you care very much.

Your everyday life is exposed

Back in the day, your boyfriend would probably never get jealous of a male friend asking you in person to borrow your textbook for class. However, seeing that request on your Facebook wall might set off some long-distance jealousy triggers. “Does he just want to see her?” “Does he want to ‘study’ with her?” Make sure trust is a foundation to your relationship, and those meaningless little wall posts will never be a problem.

Sharing sweet nothings has never been easier

Want to leave a cute note for your sweetie? Simply log in to Skype or Facebook and write a quick something. Maybe it isn’t as endearing as a hand-written love note, but you have to take what you can get. When you’re thinking about him, drop him a line. He’ll be thrilled to know that he’s in your thoughts at that very moment.

The lines of communication are open

You no longer have to wait for your daily one-hour phone call from the person you love in a far away land. Instead, you can simply log into Skype while you’re both at home and talk as if the other person was in the room with you. Or, you can IM all day while you’re at the office. Tell him about the weird guy at the corner desk, or just how much you hate it when yogurt sticks to the top of the lid. Those little mundane anecdotes help us get to know and fall in love with people, even when they’re far away.

Others can join your happiness

Posting that your boy toy is coming to town or sharing other monumental relationship achievements on Facebook is a good indicator of how many people approve of your relationship and are happy to see it continue. When you both see all those “likes,” you’ll be convinced you’ve found someone special.

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