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3 Unconventional ways to spend Valentine’s Day

Not every Valentine’s Day needs to be spent in a restaurant ordering something expensive. In fact, what you do to celebrate your love should be unique to you and your partner.

Couple on snowboarding date

With that in mind, we’ve come up with three fun but unconventional ways to spend Feb. 14.

Volunteer together

If you’re the type of couple who doesn’t really take Valentine’s Day too seriously (as in, you don’t really believe it’s that important), why not spend the day helping others? Not only will you feel good about what you’re doing, you get to spend the day working as a team to give back. Opportunities are endless – serve meals (or help cook) at a soup kitchen, walk dogs at an animal shelter, help build homes with Habitat for Humanity – whatever you feel best suits your skills and interest level. Make it a yearly tradition to spend February 14 doing what you can to help others.

Host a party

Go against the grain and instead of making Valentine’s Day a couple’s only event, host a party for all of your friends and family – single or otherwise. Your unattached friends will appreciate having something to do and everyone will be glad the pressure is off and they can just relax and have a great time rather than trying to figure out how to get dinner reservations on the busiest restaurant day of the year. Keep things relaxed – cocktails, appetizers and a simple main course served buffet style will ensure things are kept casual. Give everyone a Valentine’s card and small bag of cinnamon hearts as a fun parting gift.

Do something new to both of you

Valentine’s Day can be the same year after year – exchange gifts, go out to dinner, repeat next year. This year, do something that’s totally new to both of you to celebrate your love. If you’ve never tried snowboarding, book a lesson and try it together. If you’ve never tried Indian cooking, take a class and learn to make something new as a couple. Discuss what you’ve both always wanted to try (big or small) and make it happen on February 14th. It’ll be exciting and a new and different way to spend the afternoon.

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