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Tips for creating an online dating profile

There are lots of fish in the sea – and most of them have online dating profiles. With so many people going online to find love, your profile needs to attract attention. Use these tips to stand out from the “competition” with an attention-getting profile.

Woman creating online dating profile

Put safety first

While most dating site users are just like you – people looking for a date – predators do exist. Never include your address or phone number. It’s okay to talk about your profession or industry, but avoid mentioning your employer by name. The bottom line? Don’t include information that points someone to where you hang out, work or live. “My perfect Saturday is spent reading in a local coffee shop” is okay. “I spend Saturdays at Bob’s Beans on Main Street” is not.

Focus on the photo

The profile picture is incredibly important. First, look happy in your pic. If you don’t have a professional shot, have a friend snap one in natural light. Crop it to highlight your pretty face. Add a few additional candid or action photos. Just remember, keep your photo current. No one wants to show up to a date to find someone who looks a decade older than the profile picture.

Think of it as a resume

Treat your profile like a resume. Be your own cheerleader and be honest. Be self-confident and positive. Show off your strengths. Finally, carefully check your profile for grammar and spelling mistakes. If editing isn’t your strength, type it in a word processing program first and run spell check before you copy and paste it online, or ask a friend to proofread it for you.

Know what you want – and state it

Everyone wants someone who is kind with a sense of humor. Refine your profile to eliminate all those cliches. Instead of writing that you’re looking for a sense of humor, try being really specific. “I can quote every episode of Seinfeld” or “can’t turn off a snarky British comedy” is a better choice. If you hope to find a match who enjoys volunteering, mention the types of charities and projects you’re involved in and that you’re looking for someone who’s into the same. If you’re stumped, write a list of qualities you’re looking for, then think of how you would hope to see them materialize in a man. The more specific you can be, the better your matches will be.

Avoid these pitfalls

Don’t go overboard on information – save something for the first date! It’s wise to skip money, politics and religion, as well as anything too negative (“I hate my job!!”). Finally, avoid phrases like, “I wouldn’t normally use one of these dating services, but my friends put me up to this.” No one wants to take a sourpuss on a date!

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