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Conquering the fear of online dating

Hesitating to join the online dating scene? Many women are afraid of online dating. Of course we’ve all heard the horror stories — but the reality is, online dating can be a fun, safe way to meet a really great guy. So get over those fears and get your fabulous self online. Once you get started, you’ll realize there was nothing to be afraid of after all!

Woman dating online

Start with a little self-evaluation

Spend some time thinking about why you’re afraid to dive in with online dating. Identify your specific fears in order to overcome them. Are you worried that you won’t find someone? Is it a fear of putting yourself out there? Are you worried that no one will click on your profile? Or are you concerned about the safety and security? Once you isolate your fears, you’ll be able to get past them because every single one of those common fears can be tackled head on!

Poll your friends and family

Nothing will help you conquer your fear of online dating faster than a handful of charming love stories. Poll your close friends and family – via email is okay as long as you don’t copy: all – to find out who met through online dating. You might be surprised to find out how many long-term couples you know met online. Gather their first date stories to help you feel more confident about finding someone for yourself. Once you’ve absorbed all those happy endings, take it a step further. Wait until you’re feeling braver and then ask those same couples for a few of their not-so-happy online dating tales. Not only will it help you be prepared from some of the pitfalls of online dating, but it’ll help you gain confidence to know that, despite those bumps in the road, your friends still met someone special online.

Safely take that first, tiny step

Set up your account. Even if you don’t go through all the steps to activate your profile, start by creating an account. It’s a small step that should be quick and easy, but it puts you on the right path. Feel empowered now? Get to work on that profile! If you’re still nervous, don’t worry. Step away from your computer and focus on something fun; your account will be there waiting for you when you’re ready. Just remember, as you go through setup, use the site’s built-in safety measures and never include personal details like address and phone number. Then all you have to do is wait for the emails to roll in!

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