Sexy fitness: 10 Ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can certainly be sweet for romance – and most definitely your sweet tooth – but how about celebrating in a way that’s both sexy and healthy this year? Whether you’re planning on clearing the living room to make space for a sexy tango or you’re venturing out on high-flying fun, here are 10 fit ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Couple ice skating on Valentine's Day

Grab your ice skates

Keep the sparks flying by making it a movie moment! Hey, we’re in the dead of winter, so whether you’re venturing to an indoor or outdoor skating rink, clock in a few twirls with your loved one for a fun bonding experience that will bring out your inner kid. Sure, you never need an excuse to touch each other, but what could be more vulnerably sweet than holding hands and helping each other stay on your feet?

Warm up with winter hiking

Winter hiking truly brings out the inner thrill-seeker, so it’s a great way to explore your partner’s stamina and adventurous side! Wellness coach Lisa Hautly recommends scheduling a 3-mile hike on an intermediate-difficulty trail, “long enough to get the blood pumping, brief enough to conserve energy for a romantic activity later,” she explains.

Hire a personal chef

Chocolate and sugary Valentine’s candy hearts don’t take much imagination, and who wants to brave a late-night seating at the local fancy Italian restaurant? One of the trendiest romantic options for 2012 is to hire a personal chef who can deliver a meal that’s not only delectable but nutritious as well. Personal chefs can be found throughout the country through, but remember to reserve a chef in advance to lock in your desired date/time.

Be a swinger – on the trapeze

Let’s call it the, um, “swinger’s club” for committed couples — trapezing is a thrill-a-minute adventure that offers that sense of danger and intrigue (under the watchful supervision of professionals). Get into the swing of things with a one-hour class that takes you both through the basics, starting with the knee hook and working your way up to a mid-air “catch”!

Cook up some romance

How long should brown rice be simmered? How do you property pan-sear a gorgeous piece of salmon? What’s the best way to steam clams? (Hello, aphrodisiac!) Sign up for a joint cooking class and learn from a pro. Learning to cook your own meals means fewer butter- and salt-laden restaurant dinners. We love, which lists neighborhood classes – from lessons taught by heavily-pedigreed chefs to 30-minute tasters at Whole Foods.

De-stress with a sudsy, sexy soak

Uptight, tense, stressed out – not words associated with a romantic evening or your health. Here’s a way to wind down, sans brushing up on massaging techniques: Indulge in a warm soothing bath together! Whether you want to make your own (simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to Epsom salts) or have time to swing by the store for a jar of pampering salts, a salt bath is one of the easiest, most affordable ways to pamper your loved one this holiday. Plus, it’s pretty darn sexy.

Exercise your creativity with abstract body art

Now before you completely dismiss this idea – go ahead, get those giggles out of the way – consider creating a mantelpiece that will remind you of your little secret. The Love Is Art kit offers everything you need to safely create an abstract painting with your loved one (in the buff!) this Valentine’s Day. Complete with splash-proof sheets, a white cotton canvas, nontoxic washable paints and a custom body scrubber for fun doesn’t end after the piece is propped onto an easel!

Dance the night away

What’s sweeter than getting down with your Valentine? Whether you’re heading to a nightclub or pushing aside the living-room coffee table to make room for the foxtrot, just a burst of dancing and giggling will get your heart rate going. Try the tango – the most romantic of all dances. The benefits? Heart-healthy laughter and a 300 calorie burn per hour!

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