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How to throw the perfect anti-Valentine’s Day party!

Valentine’s Day – aka, the single gal’s most dreaded day of the year – has returned. It’s time to round up all your bitter single friends and throw the year’s best party – the anti-Valentine’s Day party – and we’re here to help!

Friends eating cupcakes together

If the movie Valentine’s Day taught us anything, it was how to throw an amazing anti-Valentine’s Day party. OK, OK, so the movie had a deeper meaning than the piñata-smashing, couples-hating party Jessica Biel threw, but that scene has always stuck in our minds.

If you’re dreading the month of February and all the loved-up, obnoxious couples you’ll be seeing around town, stop! Get in your party-planning mode, gather up your girls and get ready to say “Screw you, Cupid” in style with our recipe for the perfect anti-Valentine’s Day party.

Serve cupcakes, and lots of ’em

CupcakeBecause really, what woman doesn’t like a good cupcake? If you can’t have the man of your dreams, eat a cupcake. That’s what we say. In all seriousness, though, the point of an anti-Valentine’s Day party is to poke fun at this most dreadful day of the year and consume as many extra calories as possible while doing so, right? Right.

Georgetown Cupcake’s Exclusive ( Valentine’s Day Dozen is the perfect big girl way to bash Valentine’s Day in a pretty tasty way. The tasty dozen includes three red velvet, three strawberry lava fudge, three chocolate squared and three strawberry Champagne cupcakes. Mmm hmm.

Do girly things

Nail polishLet’s face it, ladies — Valentine’s Day would not include a whole lot of girly pampering if you were attached to a guy. Lucky for you, you can be a little selfish this Valentine’s Day and do all the fun girly things your man would just hate.

Hire a manicurist or a hair stylist for the night and throw an impromptu pampering session to go with your culinary indulgences, and you’ll have one happy group of friends. On a budget? Play beauty salon on your own and encourage each lady invited to bring along her favorite nail polish or hair product.

Another idea? Watch a sappy chick flick with your gals. After all, you’d only end up fighting with your guy about it if you had one, right? Or, watch a totally girl power-ific movie like Bridesmaids — doesn’t get much funnier than this one, ladies.

No guy zone

Dart boardIf you really want to let out the aggression you’re feeling towards the opposite sex (hey, if you recently broke up, you’re certainly entitled!), make things a bit interesting. Nothing bonds a group of women more than commiserating over male woes, am I right? I have a feeling I am, and that’s why I’m suggesting you have a little fun.

Have everyone bring a photo of a jerk they once dated and tack them on a dartboard. Have fun throwing darts at those losers and make sure you treat yourself to some booze and chocolate all the while. Just be careful on the booze, ladies, if you know what I mean.

Goodie bags

Chocolate heart popsYou know those Valentine’s Day parties you used to have in school when you were little? Remember how getting a goodie bag was always the best part? Well, ladies, just because you’re old enough to vote, drive and get married doesn’t mean you’re ever too old for a few goodies. If you’re throwing the anti-Valentine’s Day party, give your girls something to smile about when they get home. We’re talking chocolate, hon!

Edward Marc Chocolatier has the most adorable and sinfully delicious heart-shaped “Melt My Heart” chocolate pops that make the perfect little goodbye goodies for your anti-Valentine’s Day party. Throw a few of them in a red cellophane bag, tie it with a ribbon and voila, you’ve got the perfect goodie bag.

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Take a stand against Valentine’s Day with this nail art tutorial.

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