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Low-cost Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your guy

If you don’t have a huge Valentine’s Day budget, don’t worry. There are still plenty of ways to show your guy you care — minus the strain on your wallet. Besides, Valentine’s Day isn’t about how much you spend; it’s about how much you love your man.

Couple reading photo book

Check out our ideas for low-cost (big love) gift ideas you can try this year.

Photo book

We love the idea of creating a photo book for your guy full of your favorite photos of the two of you, places you’ve been and the people you love. You can either choose your pictures, get them printed (or print them yourself if you have a good photo printer) and put them in an album, or have a photo book made with the images you choose. There are many places to order photo books and the cost is reasonable (some start as low as $10). Try Shutterfly, Smile Books and Blurb. You can also get mini books made of your Instagram photos via the cool site Picstagram. Seriously, they’re adorable.

Memory box

If you’re feeling particularly sentimental, go one step beyond a book and fill a box (use something interesting or eye-catching you find at a thrift store or garage sale) with items that remind you of how great your guy is. Think outside the box (pardon the pun) and get creative. Did the two of you meet at a bar? Go back and grab a coaster or matchbook from the venue to include. Have you taken a memorable trip? Include a souvenir from where you went or pick up something that reminds you of the vacation to add to your memory box. Use photos, objects, postcards — anything that you know will resonate with him and that represents your relationship.

No cost day out

Plan a day out that won’t cost either of you anything. Start the day by making his favorite breakfast or brunch. Then pack a bag with sandwiches, bottles of water, a thermos of coffee and snacks for the day. Plan a route that includes parks, interesting neighborhoods and ideally, museums and galleries that don’t cost anything to enter. Most museums have “free days” and a lot of smaller galleries don’t charge to browse. You can be the tour guide and of course, supply the delicious lunch and snacks you packed. He’ll have a great time and you get to spend the day together — without having to reach in your wallet.


What are your talents or hobbies? Do you knit? Make him a scarf and matching mittens. Are you an amateur photographer? Choose some of your best photos and frame them for him. Do you paint? Make him a one of a kind piece to hang on the wall. By doing what you’re good at, you can create a no-cost but ultra-meaningful gift for your guy.

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