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5 Unique Valentine’s Day date ideas

If you’re sick of the same old Valentine’s Day (at the same place you always go for special occasions) why not try something new? To help get you inspired, we put together five fun ideas that will help make this Feb. 14 your most special one yet.

Happy couple on sleds

Try a wine or beer tasting

Wine glassWith so many opportunities to explore various specialties, from wine and beer to cheese, chocolate and even olive oil, why not expand your palate with an evening of tasting? Not only will you be doing something new together, you’ll also gain a new appreciation for some of your favorite things. You can also opt for pairing courses – wine and cheese and even beer and cheese pairings can be a fun way to open yourself to new eating and drinking possibilities.

Take a cooking class

Chef hatWhether you both love to cook or feel like you could use a few pointers, a cooking class can be a romantic and entertaining way to spend Valentine’s Day. From French cuisine to Spanish to Italian to desserts and candy making, the possibilities are endless. And the best part: You get to eat what you make! The evening can be among other couples or opt for a private cooking class for more hands-on learning. You get to cook with your man and learn something new to try out at home.

Book a brunch date

Orange juiceDinner reservations can be hard (sometimes impossible) to get on the 14th, so why not bypass the crowds and do brunch instead? You can linger over coffee and freshly squeezed juice, chat over something totally decadent (and that you would never make at home) and then end the afternoon with a romantic walk through your neighborhood.

Get cultured

Framed heartSpend the day getting reacquainted with all of the galleries and museums your city (or the closest city) has to offer. Plan a route that builds in stops for snacks and coffee or wine if it’s later in the day and check out a little of everything from small art openings to large museum exhibits. Top off your day with your favorite takeout (you’ll likely be exhausted from all that walking), eaten at home by candlelight.

Get outside

SkiisIt may be cold outside but that doesn’t mean you should forgo fresh air. This Valentine’s Day, we suggest bundling up and getting outside for some romantic outdoor fun. Go skating, book a weekend ski or snowboarding trip if you can swing it or head to the local park with the biggest hill and go sledding! Acting like kids again is a great way to ditch your worries, reconnect and really have a memorable afternoon together.

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