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Should you start a dating blog?

Your love life is entertaining, perhaps for all the wrong reasons. You know others would relate to the situations you find yourself in. Your friends encourage you to find an outlet for all the amusing antics that result from your dating experiences, so you’re considering starting a dating blog. But just because you can, does that mean you should? Read this before you get started.

Woman starting dating blog

Can you write?

If you’re going to start a blog and build an audience, you need to be able to compose content that will keep people coming back. It doesn’t necessarily have to be grammatically polished — many blogs are written just for fun. But you also can’t blog like you write in text messages or on Twitter. Your content needs to be readable and, if you want people to come back, unique and relatable.

What’s your goal?

You don’t just need to keep an intrigued audience coming back. If you want to stay motivated, you need to determine why you want to start a dating blog. Do you want to share pearls of dating wisdom? Do you want to entertain? Do you want to inform? Determining an objective before you start will motivate you to keep up on your blog.

Is your blog a plot for revenge?

You’ve had enough of men and you think you might be ready to air your grievances in a public manner to get back at them. As juicy as this sounds, proceed with great caution. Remember that everything you put on the internet is up for public consumption. This means a future boss may find your hate-laced entries, or worse, a future companion. Running home and Googling someone after the first date is common practice. What if you meet a great guy, have a fantastic date and he runs home to check you out, only to learn that if he does you wrong all the intimate details of your time with him will become public fodder? That will turn most guys off in a hurry.

Keep it classy

For the reason stated above, speak in generalities. Stick to advice like “What to wear on a first date” or “Formulate an exit strategy before you arrive.” It is perfectly acceptable to punctuate this type of content with real life experiences and anecdotes, but again steer away from names and direct references. Exaggerate a scenario so that even the people reading it may not recognize themselves in it.

Invite friends to participate

Keeping up a blog can be a lot of pressure when you’re really busy. Inviting friends to share their dating insight and experiences will not only take the pressure off you, it will add interest to your blog. Many people share their blog posts through social networking channels, so when your friends share their blog entries, your audience will grow.

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