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Love Happy: Beating the winter blahs

Welcome to Love Happy, where we help you successfully navigate the ups and downs of relationship life and share simple tips for keeping love fun, fresh and on track. In this installment, we’re looking at fun ways to beat the winter blahs – together.

Couple on beach vacation

Winter woes

The colder it gets, the more I want to hibernate at home. This isn’t the best attitude for making a relationship work, so over the years, I’ve come up with some ways to move past my aversion to the gray, snowy days with a little help from my other half. While he doesn’t exactly love winter either, he definitely doesn’t hate it, so we work as a team to get through the season without succumbing to the winter blahs.

Embrace the season

One of the best ways to beat the winter blahs is to simply embrace the season. Remember how much fun winter was when you were a kid? Work on recreating that feeling as an adult. Grab your guy and go sledding, build a snowman, have a snowball fight or go for a snowy walk. Winter doesn’t feel so long when you have seasonal activities to keep you distracted. Other options: ice skating, cross country skiing, snowshoeing or snowboarding. As long as you’re dressed for it and staying active, being outdoors in the winter can actually be fun.

Have fun with friends

You may feel like hibernating (I know I do), but the more nights you spend on your couch, the worse you’ll feel. Rather than wait until the snow melts to start socializing with friends, make regular plans with the people you and your guy love to hang out with. Spending time with friends is a great way to inject a little more fun into winter, and the more fun you’re having, the better off your relationship will be. Get a group of people together to try a new restaurant, host a dinner party or games night, plan a bowling tournament – the point is to make sure you don’t let the season limit your enjoyment.

Get away

If you can swing it, taking a last-minute vacation with your boyfriend somewhere warm can really boost your mood and allow you to coast through the rest of the winter feeling great. If you can both take a week off, do it and then search travel sites for the best deals during the time you have available. It’s amazing how much a little sunshine, swimming and relaxing on a beach can lift your spirits – not to mention how great a getaway can be for your relationship. Spending time together outside your regular routine – no matter the season – can bring you closer and refresh your relationship.

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