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4 Places not to go on a date

When you first start dating someone new, there’s a lot to think about, including where to go on dates. We try to provide lots of fun and imaginative ideas for where to go with your new guy, but this time we’re switching things up. Read on for our top four places not to go on a date with someone new.

Unhappy woman on date

Loud club or bar

If you can’t hear each other speak, what’s the point of going on a date? There’s nothing worse than walking into your chosen date spot, ordering drinks and realizing you’re going to have to shout at each other all night. Before you decide where to meet, do some research to find out whether the place you want to go is conducive to conversation. Ask friends for recommendations or simply go to a place you already know is fairly quiet.

Somewhere you went with your ex

The last thing you need while you’re trying to get to know a new guy is for your ex to come waltzing in. You might love the go-to spot you went to with your last boyfriend, but if there is any risk of him coming in, you don’t want to take that chance. A good date usually doesn’t involve a run-in with someone you used to date, so just avoid that scenario all together.

Somewhere you’re not comfortable

If you want the date to go well, you need to feel at ease. If you always feel out of place at overpriced bars where everyone seems to be wearing a suit or slinky cocktail dress, don’t make that your date spot. It’s good to be adventurous but feeling uncomfortable through the entire date will just distract you from the experience.

A party with people he doesn’t know

If he hasn’t met any of your friends yet (and he probably hasn’t if you’re only a couple of dates in), then taking him somewhere full of people he doesn’t know might be a bad idea. He may be outgoing and into meeting new people, but if you’re talking to everyone but him, the date isn’t going to go very well. Wait until he’s at least met a few of your BFFs before taking him to social events where he might feel awkward or unsure of himself.

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