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4 Fun, no-fail ways to make new friends

Making new friends isn’t always easy – especially once you’re an adult with a laundry list of responsibilities to deal with on a daily basis. But connecting with new people isn’t impossible. We put together four fun ways to expand your social circle.

Woman at winetasting party

Say yes to sports

If you like sports, making new friends can be as easy as getting involved in a local team. Even if you haven’t picked up a volley ball in years or think you’ve lost your ability to pitch a no-hitter, put those concerns behind you. Check out a site like Sports Monster to find a pick-up league in your city for your sport of choice. Once you do, chances are you’ll meet someone you connect with. Bonus: You’ll always have something to talk about – like the cute (single) coach or how you can’t believe you beat the best team in the league.

Travel with a group

For anyone who likes to travel, taking a group vacation can be a great way to meet people who share your wanderlust. There are several travel companies that specialize in small group excursions to choose from. G Adventures, Contiki and The Adventure Travel Company all offer trips to most corners of the world and involve groups of 12 to 15 depending on the trip. This is a great way to meet new people who also love to travel and get in some adventure while you do it.

Keep an open mind

It’s so easy to stay in rather than go out when you’re stressed out or have a lot on your plate. But before you pass up an invite to grab drinks with your sister and her friends or the girls from the office next door, think about saying yes instead. The more you say yes to the friends and acquaintances you do have, the more likely you’ll be to meet more great people through your current social circle. Next time you’re debating between a date with your couch and a night out with some lovely ladies, choose the night out.

Start a group or club

One of the best things about having friends with common interests is talking about your mutual loves and passions. Think about what you like to do and start a group or club around it. Gather a few people to start with (friends, people from the office, your cousin) and start a book club or a wine tasting club or whatever everyone is really into. Chances are, if it’s fun, other people will get interested and want to join too. You can also expand the group by having your friends put the word out about it, posting the details on Facebook and Twitter and letting people at your office or gym know about it.

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