5 Reasons your BFFs are so important

Your guy is great – you love him, you want to spend time with him and you can’t imagine your life without him. But no matter how much you care about your man, every girl needs a best friend. There’s nothing quite like the bond you have with your BFFs and we have the scoop on why having them around is so fabulous.

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Feeling connected

We love our BFFs for lots of reasons, but one of the biggest is because they make us feel like we’re connected and never really alone. Just knowing that your best friend would be there for you if and when you needed her is a great feeling. Whether your closest friend lives down the street or across the country, just knowing she’s there can make you feel better. Skype, texting, email and Facebook make it so much easier to stay in touch even when your BFF lives too far to hug.


OK, this one might be frivolous, but let’s face it: Most men hate shopping. It’s no fun dragging your guy around from store to store as he whines and complains and threatens to leave you at the mall if you don’t hurry up and choose a pair of boots. On the contrary, your gal pals will let you try on as many pairs of boots as you want, offer opinions and be totally fine going back around the mall six more times to make sure you haven’t missed anything that might look better. Now that’s what we call friendship.

Unconditional support

Your best friends are the people you can trust to not judge you. They love you for you – which is a pretty awesome feeling. No one is perfect and sometimes we do things we regret or wish we’d thought better of (maybe sending all those texts to the ex wasn’t such a great idea…). A good friend will love you despite your mistakes, bad hair day or horrible mood. One of the best things about having a BFF is that they’re there for you no matter what.

They just get it

It’s not that men aren’t good sounding boards or good at giving advice, but girls just get things that most guys don’t. It can be great having a guy that listens to all your problems and offers guidance, but there are a few things better left for girl talk. Period pains, sex questions, fashion faux pas – these are all things that are often more comfortable discussing with your BFFs than with your beau or best guy friend.

Personal growth

When you’re bored with your life or craving change, your BFF can help you. That’s why we feel that one of the most important reasons you need a BFF is to expand your horizons. Getting into a routine can be easy, but good friends can inspire you to try new things – be it a new food, sport or activity. They can help you have more fun, meet new people and learn new things or at least inspire you to do so.

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