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4 Ways to strengthen your relationship this winter

Winter can be tough on relationships. It’s cold, gray and all you really want to do is hibernate – in your pajamas. Change things up this year and put winter to good use. We suggest making this the season of relationship improvement.

Couple snowshoeing in winter

Read on for our best tips for boosting your bond and reconnecting despite the frosty weather.

Try something your partner loves

Make a note: Even if you don’t like whatever activity you tried, he’ll appreciate the fact that you made an effort for him.

If you’ve always ignored his love of hiking or rolled your eyes at his favorite sports team, it’s time to put some effort into embracing something he’s interested in. This winter try to find some common ground when it comes to hobbies and passions. And this works both ways – he should also try something you love (it’s only fair). Discuss some options and schedule a time (actually mark it on the calendar so you’ll do it) to get involved in each other’s loves. Go to a game and support his team, go hiking or give whatever he’s into a try just to see what it’s like. Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy yourself.

Do something for each other

At the start of your relationship you likely did a lot of nice things for each other without thinking twice. But that falls to the wayside after a while. Take this opportunity to bring it back. What do you want? It could be something as simple as having him cook you dinner or you accompanying him to see his parents (when you would really rather get a pedicure). Make a request to each other and then make sure that request is granted. They need to be fairly equal for this to work (meaning you can’t ask him to pay for a spa day for you when he asked for a batch of his favorite cookies). But feel good knowing that you’re doing something your partner wants.

Clear the air

One of the best ways to improve your life together is to air anything that has been bothering you about the relationship. It may sound daunting, but it’s important for making sure no resentment is building. The longer you keep things bottled up, the harder it gets to talk about them. If there are issues that need to be resolved, at least get them on the table so you can start working them out. Does he always cut you off when you’re talking? Tell him. Does he hate it when you tease him in front of your friends? Maybe that’s something you can work on. Clear the air so you can move your relationship forward.

Try something totally new

Trying something new as a couple can help draw you closer and remind you of all the reasons you got together in the first place. Maybe you’ve both always wanted to learn to speak Spanish or take snowboarding lessons but never got around to doing it. Chances are there’s something you’ve both talked about trying in the early stages of your relationship. This winter, make it happen. Shared adventures are fun and allow you to see your partner in a completely new light.

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