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Brother Valentine card

Even brothers like to get special, handmade Valentine’s Day cards. This super-simple card doesn’t take much time and is easy enough for a preschooler to do without a lot of help.

Brother's Valentine's Day Card


This card is simple to make for kids of all ages. Even preschoolers can make a card for a brother.

You will need:

  • Ink pad with red ink
  • Blank card and envelope
  • Scrap paper

If you can’t find an inkpad, you can use tempera paints. They are non-toxic and washable, which makes clean-up really easy.

bro card materials

Step 1: Make thumbprint hearts

Press your thumb into the ink pad and make one thumbprint on the blank card. Press your thumb into the ink pad again and make another thumbprint to the side and slightly diagonal to the first one — the double thumbprints will form a heart. If you’re using tempera paint, you can pour a little of it into a saucer or plastic dish and create the hearts in exactly the same way. It might take a little practice to get just the right amount of ink or paint on your thumb, so practice on the scrap paper until you are comfortable with the way the hearts look.

thumbprint hearts

Step 2: Fill the card

Continue making thumbprint hearts until there are as many on the card front as you like. The ink is messy and it does smear easily when it’s wet, so don’t be a perfectionist about how the card looks, especially if a young child is making it.

You may want to let the ink dry, and then brush the hearts with some glue and sprinkle them with a little glitter for added sparkle.

fill page

Step 3: Add the sentiment

If you don’t trust your handwriting for this, you can design a greeting on your computer with an interesting font. Just print it out on a small piece of cardstock or a clear self-stick shipping label. Attach the cardstock to the inside of the card with craft glue, or stick the label to the inside of the card.

A fun play on words for this card is, “You make my heart ‘thumbp,’ Valentine.” Maybe you have a favorite quote from a movie that fits your relationship — don’t be afraid to use what expresses your feelings the best.

Another great way to say “I love you” in your card is to write several words describing what you admire in your brother, or a few lines describing a special memory that you have with him. Parents can ask very young children for a few words that describe their sibling. You can then write those words in the card.

Step 4: The envelope

It’s fun to make the envelope match the card. Using the same technique, make a thumbprint heart in the lower corner of the envelope that came with the card.

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