Sister Valentine card

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your sister just how much you love her. Rather than give her a store-bought card, spend some time crafting a special card from your heart. Start with a blank card and envelope, and choose your favorite embellishments to make a card that is truly unique. Children under the age of 10 will need help with this project.

Sisters Valentine's Day cards


  • A blank card and envelope, available at your favorite craft store
  • Paint chips in Valentine’s Day shades
  • Duct tape in your favorite design or color
  • A heart punch
  • Stamps
  • Stamp pad
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Ribbon, buttons, stickers and other embellishments of choice

val card materials

If you don’t have paint chips or cards left over from your last decorating project, you can pick some up in your local home improvement store. The other embellishments, blank cards and stamping supplies will be available at most craft stores. Before you spend time and money at the craft store, take a look around the house for potential decor. Different types of papers, bits of lace and broken jewelry can be used to create beautiful cards.embellishments

Step 1: Decorate the card

Make a border across the bottom of the card with the duct tape. Trim the edges flush with the card edges. Now use the stamp to cut out a row of hearts just below the duct tape.

Cut a strip from another paint chip in a contrasting color and use the tape to tape it to the underside of the cut-out hearts so that the color shows through. The duct tape will cover the back of the paint chip and give a clean look.

Now, use the stamp to make more colored hearts and use them, along with stamps, ribbon and other embellishments, to decorate the card.

Step 2: The card interior

Use the stamp pad to embellish the card interior, and write the message of your choice. You can also create a message on your computer and print it out on clear shipping labels. Just stick the printed label to the inside of your card to display your message in an interesting font.

val card interior

Step 3: The envelope

It’s a nice touch to use the stamp pad to place a single coordinating stamp on the envelope. Keep the design small and in a lower corner.

Step 4: Making cards with children

This type of card is easy for children to make. Depending on their age, they may need more or less help. For children younger than 8, you should probably make the basic card ahead of time and let them embellish it with whatever decorations they like. This will let them have the fun without any possible frustration from trying to work with the duct tape.

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