Heart maze for kids

Whether you are hosting a Valentine’s Day party for your child’s classmates or just trying to keep the little ones busy while you finish decorating the last of the cupcakes, a maze is always a welcome activity. Because you make it yourself, it can be as difficult or as simple as you like.

heart maze


You probably already have everything you need to make a heart maze.

  • A computer with a workbook program like Microsoft Excel
  • Printer
  • Printing paper

You can also do this by hand using the same principle. Just use graph paper, a pencil or marker and a ruler. Draw the outline carefully, using the ruler as a guide, and follow each of the following steps, using the ruler and pencil rather than the computer.

heart maze 1

Step 1: Open a spreadsheet

Open a new worksheet or spreadsheet. On the top, under the Font heading, you should see a pencil on a piece of graph paper. Click on it. The menu will open up. Down toward the bottom will be a Draw Borders option. From here you can choose your line style, size and color. You will also find the eraser tool that you will need a little later.

excel heart shape

Step 2: Outline the heart shape

Outline the shape of a heart, or any other shape that you like. Once you have the outline, go ahead and decide where the beginning and ending of your pathway are going to be located. Use the eraser tool to remove the lines on those spaces on the outline.

heart maze 3

Step 3: Create the maze

Draw the pathway from the beginning to end. Make it go up and down and backtrack on itself. You will want it to be challenging to find when you are done. Don’t worry about other pathways just yet. The eraser tool will help you create them when you are ready.

Once you have the pathway finished, begin drawing other lines to create pathways with dead-ends. Use the eraser tool to open up the spaces as you need them. If you don’t like where the finish space is, just move it somewhere else by using the eraser tool.

Add text to show where to start and finish.

If you don’t like the spacing of the lines, you can add columns and rows to make the maze look better. Click on the letters to add columns, and on the numbers to add rows. You can also reduce the size of the columns and rows by clicking on the line between two letters or numbers and pulling the line to the size you prefer.heart maze 4

Step 4: Remove grid-lines

You are almost done. To remove the gridlines, find the tab that says Page Layout. Click on it. Find the heading that says Gridlines and uncheck the box that says View. Do the same with the heading that says Headings.

The only lines left on your maze should be the ones that you drew with the pencil. Save the maze to a folder so that you can print it out whenever you need it. Always work the maze yourself before you save the final copy, just to make sure you got it exactly the way you want it.

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