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3 Ways to be a better sister this year

Sisters are our best friends, our confidants, the relatives who love us no matter what and the backbones to our lives. They’re the keepers of our deepest secrets, the borrowers of our clothes, and the guardians of our most embarrassing teenage photos.
Simply put, sisters rock!

Adult sisters hugging

We’re resolving to treat our sisters extra special this year so they know how much we love them. Join in and strengthen that bond with your sis — here are some great family bonding tips:

Consider your sister a friend

The author, Chrissy (right), with her older sister, Kim.

The author, Chrissy (right), with her older sister, Kim.

Sisters often get the short end of the stick when it comes to relationships. Between work commitments, errands, pleasing the men in our lives and catching up with friends, a lot of women often struggle to find ample quality time with their sisters. Whether you’ve made a habit of canceling dates with your sister or put off time with her on a frequent basis, it’s time to change. This year, we want you to really start thinking of your sister as a friend, and not just a constant fixture in your life. Sure, sisters are more willing to forgive us when we neglect them, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get as much attention as we’d give a good friend.

Whether you schedule a regular girls’ night out with your sis, or make an effort to call her once a day (even for a quick little chat!), this year is the time to really strengthen that sisterly bond.

Be more generous

We’re not suggesting you go out and buy your sister a car or something (unless you’re Donald Trump!), but we are suggesting you be a bit more giving this year. Whether you resolve to give more time to your sis or be a bit more generous come birthday time, it’s time to step things up a notch. Sometimes we fall into patterns and just get a bit too comfy with our mistakes (like forgetting to give our sisters a birthday present or bailing out on a date at the last minute); it’s only natural. But if you want to show your sister you really care, get a bit more generous this year.

Tell us

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Get to know her better

Sometimes we think we know everything there is to know about our sisters, but there are tons of things about your sister that you probably never even knew before! Whether your sister has a secret drawing talent or a closet obsession with Coach bags, we’re betting there are plenty of character traits your sister hasn’t shared with you. Sure, sisters share a lot (some share everything), but the funny thing about sisters is that a lot of us never truly take the time to get to know them like we would a new friend or a new guy prospect.

This year, resolve to take the time to really delve into the person your sister is, was and wants to be, and we’re betting you’ll find out a few new things that’ll bring you even closer together (if that’s possible)!

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