The best ways to start fresh after a breakup

Breaking up is hard to do no matter how you look at it, but despite the pain, resist the urge to crawl into bed and stay there. Indulge yourself for a few days (hello, couch and ice cream) but then it’s time to slowly start getting back on track (and back to reality).

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To help you put your ex behind you, we’ve come up with five of the best ways to start fresh post-breakup.

Purge your closet and cupboards

Out with the old, in with the new! After a breakup is the best time to get rid of everything you don’t need or no longer use. Think of this as an emotional, as well as literal, cleansing of your space. Get rid of all traces of the relationship so you can start fresh with a clean slate.


It might be tempting to hang on to a few mementos, but only do so if you know having them around won’t make you feel worse.

Repaint or redecorate

Along with tackling your closet and cupboards, another great way to start fresh is by giving your bedroom (or the whole house) a new coat of paint. You don’t have to make a drastic color change, but choose a shade that will brighten things up. If you don’t have time to paint, think about freshening up your space with new accessories (pillows, rugs, etc.) or simply rearranging the existing furniture to create a brand new look.

Get out of town

To really shake up your routine, we suggest setting aside a weekend or a whole week (or maybe more, depending on your schedule and budget) and taking off. Whether you go solo or with some friends, time away from your normal routine is sure to inspire you to move on from a breakup. Take a road trip or find a cheap flight somewhere you’ve never been.

Change your look

Get a haircut, have your makeup done and schedule an appointment with a style consultant who can give you some fresh wardrobe ideas. Or even go shopping with a style-savvy friend who can give you some style tips for expanding your fashion repertoire. Spicing up your look can boost confidence and give you a newfound sense of independence following a breakup.

Plan a spa day

Spending a day at the spa, though potentially pricey, can be a great way to get away from it all and put you on the right path to a fresh start. Get a cleansing facial, detoxifying body treatment or a massage and leave feeling refreshed and invigorated. If a full day isn’t in your price range, opt for a half day instead. You can look for spa deals on sites like SpaFinder. Simply click on Deals and enter your zip code to get a list of options.

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