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A sexy new use for your Wii remote

If you thought the glow pillow was crazy, wait ’til you hear about this err, shall we say, unique new love device.

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If distance makes the heart grow fonder, what happens when you’re stuck thousands of miles away from your sweetie? Phone calls and texts can help, but they don’t do much for cultivating physical intimacy. Fear not, lovelies, your plain old vibrator is stepping up a notch thanks to some new technology.

Mojowijo has invented a new device that allows long-distance lovers to stay physically close while they’re apart. What is it? Well, ladies, let’s just say your man’s Nintendo Wii remote control is good for more than playing Just Dance 2. Mojowijo has turned a simple remote into a next generation body stimulation device (aka an interactive vibrator) that connects you to your honey.

MojowiiHow does it work?

It’s pretty simple: You have a remote, and your love has a remote. The motions of one device are transformed into vibrations in the other, thus allowing you to get your sexy on with your main squeeze even when you’re far away.

All you have to do is attach your device to the accessory port on your Nintendo Wii remote control. Once it’s connected to a Bluetooth enabled PC running Mojowijo software, the genius Motion2Vibration technology can then transform your motions into vibration signals and send them on to your love’s device – in the same room or over the internet. The best part? You don’t even need to buy the Wii gaming console to make it work!

The product uses Skype to allow internet play, too! Just choose any Skype friend with a Mojowijo attachment and you’re ready to go.

Game on, ladies.

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