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Women’s intuition: How it can save your life

Ever have the feeling that you should do something because your life depended on it? That’s your intuition. Following your intuition, or “trusting your gut,” not only can help you live a more fulfilling life, but can also keep you safe. Think about stories of people you know who have narrowly escaped a very dangerous situation. Many of these stories involve the person listening to their intuition or gut. There are countless stories of people in our society who are living examples of how listening to your gut can make or break you (think of Oprah). Following your intuition can be as simple as making a small change in your daily life, or making a major change. Here are some tips to helping you pay more attention to your intuition — because, you never know: It could save your life!

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Take time to reflect on relationships

Take some time during your day to reflect on major relationships in your life. It is often easier to listen to our intuition in a quiet space, so if you can find time to do this exercise at the start or end of your day it may be easier to sense what is going on.

Journal your gut feelings

As you reflect on these relationships, grab a piece of paper and write one word that pops into your mind related to that relationship. Now take five minutes and think of that relationship and that word together. As you do so, pay attention to your gut reaction. Is it positive or negative? If you have been in a particularly bad relationship and your gut is giving you a bad reaction, think about if there is something you can do today to make a difference in that relationship.

Take action for your safety

Many women who are in relationships with abusive partners say they will trust their gut to know when it is safe to leave. If you are in an abusive relationship, or know someone who is, please check out:

Review your everyday decisions

After reviewing relationships in your life, start to focus on other areas of your life — for example, jobs, financial decisions, maybe even a possible move to a new house, city or state. Complete the exercise above with these areas in your life. The more you practice getting in touch with your intuition, the more aware you will become on how it affects your everyday decisions.

Trust your gut

You will never know how much of an influence paying attention to your intuition can make in your life until you try it. It doesn’t take a lot of time or energy and it is a skill that you can use for a lifetime. For inspirational stories on how others have been impacted by the use of their intuition try searching “How intuition saved my life.”

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