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Better movie night date ideas

Movie night always has been a go-to date-night idea. While it can be fun and romantic, it can also turn old and stale if you don’t spice it up every so often. Try one of these better movie date-night ideas to rekindle the fun and romance of movie night.

Couple watching movie at home

Relive high-school movie night

Stand in line to buy tickets holding hands. Choose a movie you’re not dying to see. Sit in the back row, throw your arms around each other, and smooch throughout the film.

Dress it up

Yes, you can get away with sweatpants at the movie theater — but if you’re heading out for movie night, dress like you’re going on a first date. Encourage your partner to do the same. If you’re having movie night on your couch, prepare fancy snacks like gourmet popcorn and a full-bodied red wine.

Make it a movie day

Who says a movie date has to be at night? Clear your calendars for a lazy Sunday snuggled in bed or under blankets on the couch. Make sure you each pick a couple of your favorite films. Plan ahead with easy snacks or take-out menus so that you can spend the whole day in bed.

Turn it into a theme night

Rent a stack of classics and build your date around the movie theme. For instance, select movies from the 1950s. Wear red lipstick and Betty Draper-inspired nail polish. Drink gimlets and munch on era-appropriate appetizers (think dips: crab, spinach, cheese and so on).

Share your ghosts of movies past

You can probably name a handful of movies that take you back to your childhood. Maybe you watched a particular movie so many times that you can still recite every line, or one film really spoke to you in your teenage years. Dedicate a movie night to share those important movies with your guy, and let him have a night to do the same. Explain why a movie means so much to you and what memories it evokes. Even if you’ve been dating or married for years, you’ll probably learn something you never knew about each other.

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