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Beat bedroom boredom: Ways to spice things up

Every couple falls into a rut now and again. If you’d rather snooze than have sex lately, follow these tips and tricks to spice things up in the bedroom.

Bedroom boredom - Sex tips

Take it outside

Instead of having sex in your bedroom every single time, move it to the kitchen or, better yet, outside. A change of scenery will do you both some good. Plan a picnic under the stars in your backyard, or take a camping trip and get busy in the tent.

Break out the camera

Capture yourself on film. Just knowing the camera is there will make you more excited and adventurous. If you can’t fathom letting the video camera roll during sex, at least let him photograph you in the nude with a Polaroid camera.

Try a new position

No one likes the missionary position night after night. Try a new sex position, experiment with sex toys or act out your secret fantasies. A little change in the bedroom can make a big difference in terms of excitement. If you don’t feel comfortable talking out loud about what you want in the bedroom, play a game by writing each other emails or notes filled with your desires.

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Start having morning sex

If you are always too tired to have sex at night, become a morning person. Everyone enjoys a pre-work roll in the hay. Don’t use the excuse that you don’t have time. To force your way out of a rut, put a sex appointment on your schedule at least every other day. Make a commitment to stick to it, just like any other appointment.

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Sexify your bedroom

If your bedroom is turning you off, change it up. Give your bed a makeover with new sheets and blankets, add some sexy lighting and install a large mirror. Your room should be your sexual sanctuary, not a place for kids’ toys, dirty laundry, old magazines and other clutter.

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Have an affair

No, we aren’t suggesting you cheat on your partner. Instead, have an affair with your man. Plan clandestine meetings at hotels during your lunch hour. Meet him at his office wearing nothing but a trench coat and heels. Send him naughty emails and cryptic text messages. Sneaky sex is hot — and a fabulous way to ignite your relationship once again.

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