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Tips for feeling sexy in the bedroom

Give your sex life a boost and get rid of insecurities with these tips and tricks for feeling sexy in the bedroom.

Sexy woman in bed

Dress the part

You won’t feel sexy if you’re wearing a baggy T-shirt or flannel pjs to bed every night. Something as simple as a silky chemise can change your whole outlook about going to bed. You’ll always feel sexy if you’re wearing something adorable and sensual in the bedroom.

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Get a massage

Quick tips

Boost your sexual confidence and body image by walking around naked as often as possible.

If you aren’t comfortable with filming sex, take some sexy nudes of yourself by setting the timer on your camera.

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If you’re stressed out at the end of the day, draw a warm bath and pour yourself a glass of wine. After you get out, have your hubby or boyfriend give you a sensual massage and then return the favor. Massage is the perfect precursor to good sex; it helps relieve tension, increases blood flow and puts you in the mood.

Sex up your room

If your bedroom is full of clutter, it’s probably zapping the sizzle out of your sex life. Clean up your room, and you’ll feel a whole lot sexier. Take out the kids’ toys, put away your dirty laundry and minimize the furniture. The bedroom should be a sexy sanctuary for you and your partner, not a place for the whole family to hang out or for you to store unused gym equipment.

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Lube up

If it’s tough to get in the mood, give your body a little help. Break out the lube, sex toys, porn movies or whatever revs you up. Get in touch with your body by pleasuring yourself, whether you are alone or with your man.

Get a visual

To feel more sexy in the bedroom, get a good visual of what’s going on. Strategically place some mirrors around the room and then try different sexual positions. Missionary shouldn’t be your go-to move; get on top to control the motion. He’ll love the view. Try doggie-style with a mirror to your side, so you can turn your head easily to get a visual.

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Try something new

Take your sex life to the next level by using arousal gel, talking dirty, keeping the lights on or acting out your wildest fantasy. Adding a little spice to your sex life can be very simple if you make the effort to try something new every once in a while.

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