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4 Relationship resolutions to bring you and your man closer

It’s almost resolution time; have you made yours? If not, we have a few for you to take into consideration where your relationship is concerned. To help get you in the spirit of making improvements and starting fresh, we put together four resolutions aimed at making your relationship even better in the New Year.

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Spend more time together

You might live together, but how much time do you really spend together? And by time we don’t mean sitting on the couch, zoned out in front of the television. We mean quality time, where you’re actually connecting and talking to each other about something other than the kids or the mortgage or what kind of tiles you think should go in the bathroom. This year, resolve to spend more quality time together. For 30 minutes every night, just focus on each other – not any petty issues that have come up or chores that have been neglected. Think of it as a speed-date, but for couples. Sit together and talk as a way to boost your bond and reconnect this year.

Compromise more

Make 2012 the year of more compromise. Fights escalate because no one is willing to budge, but we suggest resolving not to let that happen. Take this opportunity to work on coming to solutions that are agreeable to both of you rather than someone always striving to get the last word. Not every argument needs a clear winner, so work on making an effort to be more objective when it comes to what you disagree over. Weigh out pros and cons of both sides when you don’t see eye to eye and resist the urge to come out on top. Reaching a compromise (if possible) is the best way to keep your relationship on track and avoid resentment.

Communicate better

If one or both of you is prone to nagging or making assumptions rather than openly discussing whatever’s on your mind, it’s time to make better communication a top priority. If either one of you has something to say, say it. Avoid expecting that the other person will pick up on your feelings because that just creates confusion. Instead, make a point to be straightforward with one another. This doesn’t mean being rude or saying things in a way that might upset the other person, but it does mean making sure that nothing gets lost in translation. This year try your best to communicate in a way that makes things easier on you and your partner.

Have more fun

Once you’ve been together for a while, it can be easy to forget all about having fun. Real life seems to take over and priorities shift, so it can often feel like there isn’t any time to have fun. Not this year. Make fun a top priority this year to revitalize your relationship. Do more impromptu activities – take a walk to a nearby cafe to have your post-dinner coffee rather than making it at home, take a drive to the next town over and do some exploring, go for a Sunday morning hike with the family instead of getting engrossed in the television or your computer. The point is to focus more on enjoying yourselves as a couple rather than getting too bogged down in the details.

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