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Avoid dating drama this season

Dating is stressful enough; add in the hectic holiday season and the pressure to find a New Year’s date and you might as well stay in bed until 2012. That’s why we wanted to put together some dating tips for taking the drama out of dating this month and make the whole process a lot simpler.

Couple celebrating New Year's Eve

Focus on fun

Dating around the holidays should be fun – not stressful. So before you find yourself freaking out over a guy that didn’t call or one that won’t stop calling, take a step back and focus on having a good time. Maybe you’ll meet a great guy over the next few weeks, or maybe you won’t. The point isn’t to have ultra-high expectations about meeting Mr. Right at the next holiday party you hit. Instead, take the season in stride and avoid getting too wrapped up in the drama that can often come with dating.

Raise your standards

Just because all of your friends seem to be paired up this season doesn’t mean you should feel the need to lower your standards just to get a date for the office Christmas party. Being single for the last few weeks of 2011 isn’t the end of the world and shouldn’t lead you to say yes to guys you wouldn’t normally look twice at. This is the time to raise your standards and hold out for a guy that isn’t going to try and impress you with how well he can “belch” every Christmas carol he knows. Nope, this holiday is reserved for guys with a lot more class.

Don’t settle

If you’ve recently been on a few dates with someone you only kind of like, avoid getting serious just for the sake of having a date for New Year’s. Do you really want to have to kiss someone at midnight that you don’t even really like? We didn’t think so. Rather than settle, extricate yourself from the sub-par situation and think about how much fun you can have flirting and having fun. Besides, not everyone you meet at your next party will be attached meaning you could meet someone you really think is great – rather than someone who’s just OK.

Try on a new type

Now is the perfect time to date against-type. You’re attending so many events that you’re bound to come across guys who seem nice and cute, but the kind you might normally shy away from – not this season. Sit back, enjoy the holidays and strike up a conversation with someone you might normally overlook for not being your type. If you’re going to have fun and steer clear of dating drama, why not go outside your comfort zone while you’re at it? Dating someone who seems outside your usual type can be a great way to see whether you should expand your horizons when it comes to meeting men.

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