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How to survive a holiday breakup

One of the worst times to be on the wrong end of a breakup is between Christmas and New Year’s. The holidays can be stressful enough. Add in a broken heart and you have a recipe for a serious meltdown. But all is not lost. We put together some breakup survival strategies to help get you through the holiday season despite the bad hand you’ve just been dealt.

Sad woman after holiday breakup

We turned to bestselling author, speaker and self-help guru Gabrielle Bernstein for some advice on how to deal with a holiday breakup. Before you go into hiding and decide to boycott the holidays, get back on track with these four breakup tips for handling a seasonal split.

Reach out to friends

When you’re single, you often spend much more time with friends, and now is the perfect time to reconnect with your social circle. “This holiday season, enjoy the romantic sparks within your friendships,” Bernstein says. “Take advantage of this time on your own and enjoy the inspiration you receive from your friends.”

Focus on you

Now that you’re single, take the time to re-focus your attention on bettering yourself. “The holidays are often great times for self-reflection,” says Bernstein. “If you’re single this season, use this downtime to focus on you.” She suggests reading inspirational books, writing in your journal or working on a creative project. “Use this time off to grow your relationship with yourself and begin the New Year with a fresh attitude.”

Spend time with family

Use your newly single status to spend more time with your family. Let’s face it; if you were still with your ex, you’d likely have to endure your fair share of dinners and events with his family, but now you don’t have to. “It’s far too often that when you’re in a relationship you miss out on family holidays. If you’re single this holiday season, be grateful that you have time to be with your family,” says Bernstein. “Show up to your holiday events with your full attention and focus on your family.”

Be of service

The best way to put your breakup into perspective is to help others. “When you’re single during the holidays, you have a great opportunity to share your love with those who need it most,” Bernstein says. “This season take time to be of service to the world.” Maybe you volunteer at a soup kitchen or wrap gifts for underprivileged kids or walk dogs at a local shelter. The idea is that helping others will make you feel good, pull you out of your post-breakup rut and bring more happiness into your holidays.

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